Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Get Candid on His Extreme Jealousy: 'It's Ugly' (Exclusive)

The couple opened up about the early days of their relationship on her new SiriusXM podcast 'Let's Talk Off Camera.'

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are getting candid. In an exclusive clip from Wednesday's premiere episode of her new SiriusXM podcast Let's Talk Off Camera, the couple recalls the start of their relationship when Consuelos was "insanely jealous."

"My biggest complaint about you over the course of our marriage, and this is not recent because it definitely changed... but you used to be insanely jealous and that was a hard pill to swallow," Ripa says. "... It's very hard being married to somebody who is jealous."

Ripa explains that her husband, whom she wed in 1996, used to have "a perception of a scenario."

"It was our first week of marriage, because we didn't take our honeymoon until later. You were working and I went to visit you in Boston," Ripa recalls. "We went to this Italian restaurant and the waiter was like a very cute old man, he's definitely in his 70s, if not 80s. He leaned down and he said, 'And for the principessa?'"

Consuelos confirms he remembers the interaction and admits he "got upset" in the moment.

"I thought it was so cute that this little old man called me a princess, and I looked at him and I gave him my order in a very smiley way," Ripa says. "And he walked away and you picked a horrible fight."

"I remember that. Look at age 25, I was pretty insane," Consuelos answers. "But that jealousy thing definitely followed me for a while. I'm not jealous anymore."

Ripa tells her husband she's "so grateful that you're not," before Consuelos discusses his "character flaw."

"It's ugly. As ugly as it feels to the person who has to be on the receiving end of it, it's such an ugly feeling inside. If this is any consolation, you know you're being crazy," he says. "The jealous person knows that this is wrong and it's ugly, but they can't help it."

Consuelos says he doesn't know what changed to tamp down his jealously, but explains, "I wanted to do some work on myself and that was one of the major things that I needed to work on because it was getting in the way."

Let's Talk Off Camera, co-produced by SiriusXM and Milojo Productions, premieres Wednesday, March 22. Listen on Stitcher, the SXM App or wherever podcasts are available. Guests this season include Anderson Cooper, Carol Burnett, Edie Falco, Holly Robinson Peete, Joel McHale, Matthew McConaughey, Nia Long and more.

The podcast episode debuts amid the news that Ryan Seacrest is stepping away from co-hosting Ripa's morning show and will be replaced by Consuelos on April 17.

"I'm really excited," Consuelos told ET earlier this month. "It's an honor. It's such an iconic show. That seat next to my wife is such a cherished seat. I consider her the best in the business, so I'm really excited."