Kelly Ripa Cuts Son Joaquin’s Hair, Embarrasses Him on Live TV

The 49-year-old talk show host cut her 17-year-old son's hair while in quarantine.

Kelly Ripa might have a hidden talent! The 49-year-old talk show host opened up about her special skill on Tuesday's Live With Kelly and Ryan, revealing that she's been serving as her family's hair dresser while in quarantine from the coronavirus pandemic. 

"I've cut every member of our family's hair now during quarantine because I'm still not brave enough to head into a hair salon or have anybody come to the house," Ripa noted. "I'm just too afraid. I just feel like there's too many unknowns still." 

She added that of her three children, her youngest, Joaquin, had the most difficult hair. 

"Joaquin has my hair. Everybody else in the family has Mark [Consuelos'] hair. It is bone straight, it's shiny, it's easy to cut, it just sort of lays the right way," she said of her husband of 24 years. "Joaquin and I have the same head of hair, which is to say it is wiry, it's thick, it's dense, it's got lots of layers, he's got cowlicks. It's not the easiest hair to cut."

Ripa then shared a time lapse video of herself giving a hesitant-looking Joaquin a haircut. 

"I think I have a future in $500 haircuts," the talk show host insisted. "I cut my hands in three places, did not realize I was bleeding all over the place."

As for how Ripa figured out how to give such a professional cut, she noted that it's all in her confidence. 

"If I see something, I think I can do it. I'm not malignantly narcissistic, but I have enough narcissism to believe that if I see something on TV, I now truly have mastered it," she quipped. "I believe I can professionally figure skate every Winter Olympics."

Ripa then brought out a shy Joaquin to show off the finished look without any product in his hair. 

"I'm really happy," Joaquin said of the cut. "I feel much more aerodynamic now. The only thing is, I turn on my phone and I have a Face ID, and it doesn't recognize me because I used to look like Judge Judy and now I look like Joaquin."

Giving his mom even more validation, Joaquin added, "We might not actually have to go to the barbershop ever again. This is a game changer."

The proud mom then proceeded to rag about her youngest, quipping, "He's going to turn bright beet red." She then proudly shared that Joaquin is a "straight A student." 

"We had a parent-teacher conference last night that was so good that Mark and I were so mad. Because we relish in punishing our kids," she joked. 

Ripa recently revealed that she, Consuelos and their three kids were recently quarantined in the Bahamas, though it appears that they are back in New York City. Watch the clip below for more: