Kelly Ripa Shares Her Opinion of Ryan Seacrest's Girlfriend Aubrey Paige

The pair was first linked last year.

Kelly Ripa is a fan of Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend. On Monday's episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, Ripa revealed that she'd recently hosted a birthday party for her husband, Mark Consuelos, which Seacrest attended with his girlfriend, Aubrey Paige.

"The most exciting guest that came was Ryan's plus one, as acknowledged by every single speech given, because we were all so excited," Ripa said of the 24-year-old model.

At the party, Ripa gave a birthday toast to her husband, during which she quipped to Paige, "We're all happy you're here. And that you exist, because we weren't sure there was anybody."

"We were starting to be like, 'Maybe he doesn't have a special person. Maybe we should check on him more often,'" Ripa admitted to her co-host, before telling him, "If you two breakup, I will go into seclusion. I am so fond of her."

Ripa wasn't the only one who was taken by Paige. Her and Consuelos' eldest child, 24-year-old Michael, was also a fan. Ripa and Consuelos also share Joaquin, 19, and Lola, 20.

"Michael was so excited he dropped his plate and it broke and fell on Aubrey," Seacrest, 47, recalled. "He felt so terrible. Nothing stained."

"He's there with his napkin and he's wiping her long leg," Ripa added, before joking, "And I go, 'There are easier ways to hit on Aubrey. You don't have to spill your cake on her.'"

It was all in good fun, though, as Seacrest admitted that the whole thing "was very funny."

Seacrest and Paige were first linked last year. On New Year's Eve, Paige gushed about her beau on Instagram, sharing a cute pic with him and writing, "Safe to say the best part of 2021 was meeting the most incredible man."