Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Reveal 'Good Burger' Sequel Is a Go, Filming This Summer

Thompson and Mitchell announced the news on 'The Tonight Show.'

"Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger ... Part Two!"

That was how Kel Mitchell  emphatically announced, alongside Kenan Thompson, that the sequel to the hit 1997 comedy is officially a go and will begin filming later this summer. Mitchell and Thompson made the surprise announcement Friday night on The Tonight Show, and it had everyone going wild, including one Jimmy Fallon.

After recalling how they met (Mitchell couldn't resist being friends with the kid rocking a Mighty Ducks jersey and roller skates), Thompson said the only thing getting in the way of filming are his Saturday Night Live duties. But once he finishes out the season, it's a go.

If they had their druthers, a number of celebs would make cameos. While they didn't name anyone in particular, Thompson and Mitchell revealed they've had their sights set on at least one particular celeb, Fallon himself. 

Fallon, of course, accepted the cameo invite, and it's fitting. There had been signs for quite some time that Good Burger 2 was in the works. Back in 2018, Thompson reunited with his All That star on The Tonight Show, throwing it back to the skit the Nickelodeon teen comedy duo performed on the ensemble sketch show, before breaking off to their own series, Kenan and Kel, in 1996.

The sketch began with Fallon recalling his younger years working at a fast food establishment. When a displeased customer asked for a manager, out walked Mitchell as "Ed," his beloved clueless character. The audience went nuts at the reveal, and grew even louder as the comedian uttered his famous line "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"

Then, in 2022, the comedy duo pulled off an epic Good Burger reunion at the EMMYs, where Thompson was the host. Midway through the show, the funny man wandered over to the bar for one of the ceremony's comedic interludes, where a man just so happened to be slumped over on the bar, apparently passed out.

"Excuse me, sir, can we get you a drink or something?" Thompson asked, as Mitchell sat up and smiled brightly.

That same year, Thompson spoke to ET and revealed "we're getting really close on Good Burger 2."

Nearly five months later, it's official.



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