Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Reunite for Daughter Alijah's First Soccer Game After Divorce Filing

The couple is making the most of it, despite beginning the emotional process of divorcing.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett spent some quality time together over the weekend as a family -- attending daughter Alijah's first soccer game together -- after Wilkinson filed for divorce from Baskett just two days prior.

Wilkinson documented the occasion in an adorable Instagram story on Sunday that shows both parents cheering Alijah on. "Who's having fun?" Baskett can be seen asking, followed by Wilkinson cheering her 3-year-old daughter on, and urging her to turn around when she starts kicking the soccer ball the wrong way.

Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram
Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

Alijah then has an adorable toddler moment as she stands on the sideline in a huff.

"Alijah go in. Come on, your team needs you," Wilkinson implores her.

"No!" she responds, pouting.

"Why? Why? Go in. Alijah, go. Go in!" Wilkinson says, as her daughter forgets whatever was vexing her and plunges back into the game.

Then, after the game, Alijah is treated to some soft-serve frozen yogurt.

Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

Wilkinson has been focusing heavily on her daughter and son, Hank IV, as her relationship with Baskett deteriorated after nine years of marriage. Despite what is clearly a painful time for the two, Wilkinson said on Instagram that no one should be surprised to see the two together.

"U will prob see us together a lot but it’s because there’s no hate," she wrote. "Love wins in this case it’s just looks a little funny."

For more on how Wilkinson has been handling the breakup, watch the video below.



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