Kendra Wilkinson Claps Back at Mom Shamers After Feeling 'Pushed Into a Corner' Following Divorce Filing

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment

The 32-year-old reality star says she makes 'sacrifices so my kids can have a life they deserve.'

Kendra Wilkinson has something to say. 

The Kendra on Top star took to Instagram on Thursday to "vent for a second" about mom shamers criticizing her parenting abilities. 

"I bust my a** off as a human being. I work, pay bills, take care of 2 kids and love them to the fullest plus trying to take care of myself through it all is a 24/7 job," Wilkinson wrote alongside a silly photo of herself posting with 8-year-old son Hank IV and 3-year-old daughter Alijah. "I don’t know what the f**k some of u haters think u know but you better get your heads checked because your assumptions based on pictures and clips of shows make u straight up delusional."

"I’m a lover and a free spirit by nature, not a fighter but lately I’ve been feeling pushed into a corner by judgement and opinions that are 100 false n not me," she continued. "While people on the internet AND in real life are feeling bad for my kids cuz mama has to work, my kids at the same time are thanking me." 

"I make my sacrifices so my kids can have a life they deserve. I drink to celebrate only and i enjoy my friends," Wilkinson concluded. "One day I’ll get the credit i deserve for all the hard work i do but til then I’m going to keep doing me. I get it, i shouldn’t care what people think but sometimes I’m human and shit gets to me.... what pisses you off today guys? ??."

Wilkinson shared on Wednesday that she was finally "getting back to being Kdub again n feels good" after filing for divorce from husband Hank Baskett last week. 

In the days since, the 32-year-old reality star has been surrounding herself with friends, including Tori Spelling, Beverly Mitchell, and Jersey Shore stars Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Deena Cortese.

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