Keri Russell Talks Possibility of a ‘Felicity’ Reboot

Keri Russell

The actress was asked about a possible reboot of the beloved series on Thursday’s ‘WWHL.’

Will Keri Russell be bringing back her curly Felicity locks anytime soon?

The 42-year-old actress appeared on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to promote the final season of her hit FX series The Americans alongside her co-star and real-life love, Matthew Rhys.

However, talk quickly turned to the show that put her on the map in the late ‘90s – Felicity. When a caller asked whether the cast’s June reunion at the ATX Television Festival means that there will be a reboot, Rhys jokingly chimed in, “Tell them about the feature film you’re not supposed to talk about!”

Russell laughed, but played it very coy, saying, “I can tell you that we’re going and that’s it.”

She will be both conducting the reunion and participating in an Americans panel on the same day at the event in Austin, Texas.

Felicity ran for four seasons from 1998 to 2002 and also starred Russell’s real-life ex, Scott Speedman, and Scandal star Scott Foley.

These days, Russell is playing an entirely different role as a Russian spy on The Americans. When asked whether fans can expect to see any of Felicity’s curls in one of her disguises, she recalled her favorite costume of the final season.

“I will say there is a disguise I cherish deeply who is curly and very unattractive,” she said. “It’s like a red curly permed wig and every time I wore it – it’s like a permed red wig. She’s a healthcare worker at home; there’s a lot of elastic waistbands and big glasses – I would text a picture of myself to my girlfriends every morning and say, ‘This is me at work.’ And they were like, ‘I love that lady!’ but that’s the closest to Felicity that we get.”

For more from Russell, watch the clip below!