Kerry Washington Praises Husband's Support Amid Time's Up Movement: 'Get a Woke Man, Ladies!' (Exclusive)

The 'Scandal' star also dished on the show's upcoming 'How to Get Away With Murder' crossover.

Kerry Washington's got a legion of supporters in the Time's Up movement, but she's also got a pretty big one at home. 

The Scandal star walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday with her "hot date" of a husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, telling ET's Nancy O'Dell that while she was wearing black in solidarity with those experiencing sexual harassment and inequality in the workplace, her man was sporting a Time's Up pin. 

"He has a Time's Up pin. He knows what time it is!" she yelled. "You gotta get a woke man, ladies. You gotta get a woke man!" 

Washington has been involved in Time's Up "from the beginning," telling ET why she and other women in Hollywood decided to start the initiative after receiving a letter from female farm workers. 

"These issues are not only issues in Hollywood. These are issues that are systematic. It's about systemic toxicity across all industries," she shared. "So we decided to come together to say 'Time's Up' on the imbalance of power. It's time that women stand together across all industries."

"We started this legal defense fund that's not for women in Hollywood. It is for women in other industries, farm workers, teachers, domestic workers, women who don't have access to legal representation to have that kind of support. So we're doing that. We have a campaign called 50/50by2020, that helps shift power in all the agencies and studios and places of power. So it really is about women coming together to say the workplace should be safe for everyone," she explained. "We're very proud. We've raised $15 million [for the legal defense fund] already."

"It really is about a community of women coming together. Often we're isolated and separated. There's one or two of us on a movie, if we're lucky," Washington confessed. "It's been really exciting to be a part of a group of women in this industry that is young and old, white, black, Latina, Asian, working as writers, as lawyers, as directors, as actors, all coming together to say, 'We have to support each other, but more importantly, we have to support any marginalized community, who feels like their workplace is not safe for them.'"

The 40-year-old actress admittedly has also been lucky enough to work with other strong, like-minded women on Scandal, dishing that the collaboration felt on the show's upcoming crossover with How to Get Away With Murder "makes me think about tonight." 

"It's a dream come true," she gushed. "It makes me think about tonight, all these women coming together, and that's what we do at Shondaland every day. We are able to support each other and lift each other up and the fact that I get to do scenes with Viola Davis is such a dream come true, because she's such a hero of mine. And we've done a lot of press together for Shondaland, but to be able to work together is pretty phenomenal."

As for what fans can expect for the epic television event, Washington was pretty tight-lipped. 

"The writers felt like they found a storyline that worked for both shows, and a theme that both shows were exploring, and so it just worked out. I'm so scared I'm going to say something that I'm not supposed to say," she confessed. "It is really wonderful to work with Viola Davis [and] it's really nice to work in an environment where women support women."