Kevin Costner Says It 'Feels So Good' to Be in Iowa for MLB's Big 'Field of Dreams' Game

The star of the 1989 baseball drama was excited for the high-profile sporting event.

Like coming back home! Kevin Costner is back in Iowa for the hotly anticipated Field of Dreams game, and could be more excited.

The actor -- who starred in the iconic 1989 baseball drama -- was on hand for the momentous game on Thursday, which was played on a specially constructed stadium in Dyersville, Iowa, next the famous field from the movie.

The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox donned retro throwback uniforms for the occasion -- to echo those seen in the movie -- and faced off in front of a small crowd of around 8,000.

Costner -- who starred as the corn farmer Ray Kinsell, a man compelled to build a baseball diamond in his corn field after hearing the now-famous ghostly whisper, "If you build it, they will come" -- played catch on the field and addressed the crowd before the game.

Fox, the network airing the game, shared a snapshot of Costner throwing around a ball on the field on Wednesday, and the actor commented, "It felt so good to be back."

Costner addressed the movie's lasting impact in a press conference, and shared what it was like to see the film's baseball diamond recreated for an actual professional game.

"It was the perfect little movie," Costner reflected. “The climax, rather than a big car chase, was, ‘Do you want to have a catch?’ And it worked. And what I’ve seen out here is a replication of the attention to detail."

The film has a devoted fan base as it has stood the test of time. And the movie's iconic status seems to have been reflected in the price of admission for this unique showdown, with tickets reportedly going for $1,500 to $4,000 per seat.

For more on the iconic film, and Costner's indelible part in it, check out the video below.