Kevin Costner's Family Tree: Meet His 7 Kids

The 'Yellowstone' actor has four adult and three minor children.

Kevin Costner has a big family! The 68-year-old Yellowstone star is a dad to seven with three women: his first wife, Cindy Silva, his former girlfriend, Bridget Rooney, and his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner.

Christine filed for divorce from the actor in May after 18 years of marriage. The duo met when Christine was just 18, amid Kevin's marriage to Cindy. After Kevin and Cindy called it quits in 1994, he began dating Christine nine years later.

It wasn't smooth sailing for the couple, though. As Kevin already had four older children -- Annie, Lily, Joe, and Liam -- he wasn't interested in having more kids with Christine, which ended up being a dealbreaker for her. 

Eventually, Christine told Kevin, "If you're going to be with me, you need to know that kids are at the end of the road for me with you, if that's going to happen," he recalled to Extra years later, after explaining his hesitation to Huffington Post.

"That was my big consideration having children the second time was, 'Can I give to these three what I gave to Annie, Lily, and Joe?'" he remembered asking himself.

That did happen, as the couple tied the knot in 2004 and went on to have three kids of their own -- Cayden, Hayes, and Grace.

"My life, for whatever people think about it, is really so normal. I love making movies. I love making music. Those have brought a level of worldwide fame on some level, but it's not really how I think of myself," he told Huffington Post. "It doesn't help me get through my day at all here. I love my family and I love being a father!"

Read on for everything there is to know about Kevin's seven children.

Annie, 39

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Annie, the eldest child of Kevin and Cindy, appeared in several films throughout the '90s but eventually transitioned into producing. She co-founded Sound Off Films in 2014 to specialize in cause-driven blue-chip documentary, natural history and branded content. Annie married doctor Danny Cox in 2016.

"Annie graduated from Brown. She's a real worker. She helps write legislation in Rhode Island, environmental legislation," Kevin told Huffington Post in 2014. "She's probably going to do a documentary right now. She's living on her own wits. She's just a source of pride for me."

Lily, 37


Just like her sister, Lily, Kevin and Cindy's middle child, started out acting. Instead of going the producing route, though, Lily eventually turned her focus to singing, albeit perhaps not professionally.

"Lily is an amazing singer and songwriter. She can be a really huge star if that's what she wanted. I'm not sure she wants that," Kevin told Huffington Post. "She's really gifted. Lily's way is not to knock doors down. I think she wants a quality of life. She's seen the quality of life that we've had and sometimes the idea of stardom, I think, is a mystery to her. She's content with performing. She's not a person who is trying to angle how to go faster and go higher and go larger. It's just not how she's built. She has an amazing talent. Does she want to give it to the world? I don't know."

Joe, 35

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Kevin and Cindy's youngest child appeared in films as a kid, just like his sisters. Now, though, he works as a production sound mixer and post-sound editor.

"I think the best indication of Joe is that he's a solid person and his friends are really solid," Kevin told the Huffington Post of his son, a University of Colorado Boulder graduate. "You really can judge how well he has done in life by the quality of his friends and how he has kept them. I've tried to encourage him, it's good to be your own person."

Liam, 27

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Liam is the only child Kevin shares with Bridget, who's now married to Bill Koch. She welcomed Liam in 1996, and ever since her son has stayed firmly out of the spotlight.

Cayden, 16

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Cayden arrived three years after Kevin tied the knot. In his 2014 interview with Huffington Post, Kevin praised his son as "a good older brother," adding that the now-16-year-old is "so full of life and adventure."

Hayes, 14

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Less than two years later Hayes entered the picture. In 2014, Kevin admitted that Hayes often "gets talked to second, or gets talked to in the middle," adding of middle children, "It's not a myth that they wonder how they fit on some level and I'm really conscious of that."

Grace, 13

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Grace rounded out Kevin and Christine's family with her arrival in 2010. In his 2014 Huffington Post interview, Kevin described his daily "coffee ritual" with the tot, whom he later told the Today show is a "girly girl" who enjoys sewing and dancing.