Kevin Hart and Rebel Wilson Learn Karate and Fight Black Belts in 'What the Fit' Season 2 Premiere

Rebel Wilson and Kevin Hart in 'What the Fit' Season 2 Premiere
Laugh Out Loud Network/YouTube

Hart's hilarious YouTube comedy fitness series returns for a second season with a trip to a local dojo.

Rebel Wilson and Kevin Hart are headed to a dojo to get some exercise and show off their martial arts moves.

Hart's hilarious YouTube original series What the Fit kicks off its second season on Thursday, and ET has an exclusive first-look at the premiere episode, featuring Wilson and a very patient karate teacher.

For their episode of What the Fit -- which is part-comedy series, part health and fitness show -- the Isn't It Romantic actress hopped in Hart's SUV to drive to a karate class for an afternoon of exercising through martial arts.

While Wilson feels somewhat confident in her abilities, given her formal training as a teenager, she's a little less confident in Hart's karate skills, considering he's "self-taught."

"I studied a little bit myself. My mom bought me a karate book," Hart reflected. "I think I was a black belt in about 35 minutes? Because I got through the book so fast."

When the pair arrived at the class, they began by showing off some of the skills they (think) they already have, and it's not exactly impressive.

Then, over the course of the afternoon, they learn how to break boards with their fists, perform proper punches and even use nunchucks -- which Wilson turns out to be surprisingly skilled with, much to Hart's embarrassment.

The pair's madcap adventure in learning the ancient art of karate was capped off by a sparring match, pitting each of the stars against a number of black belts for the chance of getting their own yellow belt. 

Needless to say, the black belts don't really give it their all, but it's still fun to watch Wilson pretend to fight dirty with a rubber knife.

This season of What the Fit will see Hart pair up with Pete Davidson, Jennifer Garner, Kourtney Kardashian, Anna Kendrick, Damon Wayans Jr., James Van Der Beek and Jason Sudeikis, among others.

The new installments in the 10-episode second season of the series -- produced by Pulse Creative and HartBeat Productions in association with Lionsgate -- drop Thursdays on Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Network on YouTube, with bonus footage coming out every Monday.