Kevin Smith Says He 'Bawled' During Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Wedding

The filmmaker called the couple's ceremony 'overwhelmingly emotional.'

Kevin Smith is a self-proclaimed "crier." So, you can imagine what happened at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's wedding.

The Clerks director told ET Canada that the wedding ceremony proved to be "overwhelmingly emotional" when he, his wife, Jennifer, and a slew of other celebrities descended on Ben's massive estate in Riceboro, Georgia, over the weekend.

"F**k, was it one of the most beautiful events I've ever been present for in my life," he told the outlet. "I can't share details because it would be theirs to share."

Smith added, "I'm a crier. I cry all the time. I cry watching episodes of The Flash. I cry watching Degrassi for heaven's sake. But I bawled throughout because it was so goddamn beautiful. So beautiful."

Smith, famous for almost always wearing only jerseys, took to Twitter and showed off his all-white attire. He tweeted, "This is as formal as I’ve been dressed since maybe my First Communion when I was 7."

Smith tried to play it coy when initially asked about Bennifer's wedding.

"I put up a couple pictures of me and my friends, my wife, and Jay [Mewes] and Jay’s wife Jordan [Mansanto] in white outfits on both Twitter and Instagram -- never said what I was doing whatsoever," said Smith, trying to play it off before revealing some details about the wedding. "And I just read a slew of articles telling me that I went to ben Affleck’s wedding, man. Those two things seem conflated. I just happened to be wearing white."

In the hours leading up to the soiree, a source told ET that guests for the couple's second wedding were wearing white.

An eyewitness told ET, "Guests were gathering at The Perry Lane Hotel [in Savannah] to head to Jennifer and Ben's wedding." The source added, "Everyone is dressed in white with most women in white dresses and gowns, and most men in white suits, a majority in linen material, but the dress code features a wide variety. Some men are in white shorts and sneakers and there is a female guest in a white fringe leather jacket and sparkly cowboy hat."

Jennifer and Ben's big day was capped off with an extravagant fireworks display, followed by a BBQ the next day.