Khloe Kardashian Asked Kim Kardashian for Surrogacy Advice Before Tristan Thompson Split

In a bonus 'KUWTK' clip, Khloe discusses expanding her family via a surrogate.

Khloe Kardashian wants to expand her family.

The Good American co-founder sought surrogacy advice from her older sister, Kim Kardashian, before splitting from Tristan Thompson. In a bonus Keeping Up With the Kardashians scene shared this week, Khloe shares that her doctor believes she shouldn't carry another baby.

"Dr. A just said it probably wasn't the best idea for me to carry," Khloe tells Kim, while Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are also there with them. "What is your opinion on me doing the surrogate?"

Kim then admits that the first time she had a surrogate, for daughter Chicago, "was so scary."

"I did a FaceTime first and then I invited them over for dinner with their two kids and Kanye [West] and her husband," Kim recalls. "I wanted to meet them all face-to-face. I wanted to feel and see if this energy would was going to work for us. She was amazing and her husband was so great. You want to make sure they're just a good person."

Kourtney adds that she thinks it even depends "what they want on TV," with Scott clarifying that his ex refers to the media the surrogate watches "while the baby is in the womb."

Khloe, on her end, doesn't think the media the surrogate watches "has anything to do with it," adding that she does "believe what you eat [matters] because you're feeding it to your kid."

Kim then reassures her younger sister that she will help her "find the right person" and go through the applicants. And while Khloe feels like it's "a weird experience," Kim says, "I think the right thing to do is to have them come see the baby before they leave. Like do you want them to pump and then send the milk to you?"

On Monday, multiple sources told ET that Khloe and the 30-year-old NBA player, who share 3-year-old daughter True together, called it quits.

One source tells ET that the pair ended their relationship a few weeks ago, after new allegations against Tristan surfaced. Instagram model Sydney Chase claimed during an April interview that she hooked up with Tristan back in the fall, which he's vehemently denied. News of their most recent breakup also comes amid reports that Khloe threatened to take legal action against a woman, Kimberly Alexander, who is claiming that Tristan fathered a child with her. Tristan was reportedly granted a default judgment of more than $50,000 in his libel case against Alexander on Tuesday. 

"Khloe gave Tristan several chances and after new allegations decided it was time to break things off," the source said. "The two are on good terms and at the end of the day Khloe just wants True to have a good relationship with her father."

As fans know, this wasn't the first time cheating allegations have come between the two. Meanwhile, during the final KUWTK season, Khloe and Tristan discussed having another child and surrogacy. Back in March, she also revealed that she had done IVF and made embryos.

"I actually have done IVF about three different times," Khloe told Sarah Hyland on Lady Parts. "I froze my eggs once already and when I was ready to make embryos with Tristan, I was making embryos."

At the time, she said that when she defrosted the eggs she'd frozen "none of them survived." 

"I'm so grateful that I decided to make embryos. I'm 36, but as young as I am, what if I was 40 and then my eggs aren't as healthy, so then I'd have to do IVF again to make embryos, and we realized my eggs aren't strong enough to be frozen," she explained. "They should be mixed immediately with sperm to make embryos."

She also admitted that the pandemic changed her timeline for a second child, sharing that she wanted her kids to be "closer in age." "But now with COVID and everything, my plan's been a little delayed," she said. "But I definitely do want more kids."

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