Khloe Kardashian Reveals the First Thing She Did After Moving in With Tristan Thompson

'Moving into your significant other's home is a huge step in a relationship.'

Khloe Kardashian is loving her new living arrangement. 

On Tuesday, the mom-to-be shared on her app that when she and boyfriend Tristan Thompson decided to move in together, they made one major change to their homes that helped them feel more comfortable.

Thompson spends half his year in Cleveland, Ohio, when playing for the Cavaliers, and Kardashian has also relocated to the city to spend time with her guy. 

"Moving into your significant other's home is a huge step in a relationship," the 33-year-old reality star writes. "Fortunately, Tristan and I have very similar decor tastes, so it was easy to merge. But we did a few rooms together and switched up the color schemes. That was really fun!"

Kardashian goes on to share a big tip when first moving in with a significant other. "One of the first things Tristan and I did when we moved in together was add framed photos of ourselves as a couple around the house," she says. "It makes you both feel in sync and like home is for the both of you -- because after all, it is!"

Gushing over her guy, Kardashian adds, "I'm so lucky that Tristan really lets me do my own thing. He just likes me to feel comfortable. And I truly do feel like it's our Cleveland home!"

In the March 2016 issue of Architectural DigestKardashian opened up her 10,000 square-foot, Mediterranean-style house in Calabasas, California, which once belonged to Justin Bieber.

"I was very hands-on in the design process," Khloe said of her interior design tactic. "I'm obsessed with details, so I can be a bit controlling, but it’s only because I’m genuinely curious."

Here's a look at her lavish "Moroccan, Turkish and Middle Eastern"-styled home on the West Coast:


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