Khloé Kardashian’s NBA Star Boyfriend Tristan Thompson Admits He Listens to Taylor Swift Before Games

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His song of choice for rivalry games is, fittingly, 'Bad Blood.'

Before he hits the court, Tristan Thompson likes to shake it off to a little "Shake It Off."

Khloé Kardashian’s Cleveland Cavaliers player boyfriend -- and co-parent-to-be -- opened up about his pre-game music on MTV's TRL on Thursday, admitting his affinity for the songs by a pop star who is not exactly on the best terms with Khloé's sister and brother-in-law, Kim and Kanye West -- Taylor Swift.

“I love hip-hop and rap to get me going," he shared, while noting, "I gotta be able to calm myself down [before games], all the anxiety and all the stress. I gotta be able to relax."

"I definitely listen to Taylor Swift," he added, noting the Reputation singer helps him "be relaxed before the game."

“I listen to 'Shake It Off' and a little 'Bad Blood' for rivalries like Golden State," he noted.

You've gotta give it to him... it's hard to think of better rivalry music in recent pop than "Bad Blood"!

Recently, it was revealed that Khloé and Tristan are expecting a baby boy.

Watch the video below for everything you need to know about Khloé's baller beau.