Kim Kardashian Beheads an Enemy in 'House of the Dragon'-Meets-'The Kardashians' Spoof

Sibling rivaly reigns supreme as Kim and Kylie Jenner face off against James Corden for control of the Iron Throne.

Kim Kardashian is channeling her inner Dragon Queen. HBO's House of the Dragon and its reigning Targaryen family got The Kardashians treatment on Wednesday night in a hilarious spoof on The Late Late Show With James Corden: The Targashians

The show opens on newly-crowned King Keith Targashian, played by the late-night host, offering a pardon to one of his longtime enemies. Enter: Kim Targashian, his little sister, proudly holding said enemy's severed head. 

"I literally just pardoned him!" the king exclaims.

"Why? He's so uninteresting. He added nothing to this kingdom," Kim retorts. 

The episode then dives into The Kardashians' signature direct-to-camera interviews, with Kim and King Keith trading barbs over who should be in charge of the kingdom. Of course, Kim is quick to offer a rundown of her many business endeavors within Westeros. 

"I run the Armored Shapewear line, the Greyscale Cosmetics company, dungeon reform," she spitballs. "What else am I forgetting? Oh, body butter." 

Kris Jenner also appears as the Targashian momager, natch, overseeing Kim's Jouster's Illustrated "shoot" -- which actually involves nearly a week-long portrait painting session and a dagger. King Keith crashes the session to yell at Kim for breaking open his prized dragon egg. "The yolk gives the most next-level body shimmer! This is Jouster's Illustrated!" Kim fires back.

The family comes together to mend fences in the end, with Keith offering Kim a bouquet of "Revenge Bodies" featuring the severed body parts of her "haters," while Kim gifts her brother a dragon egg that she "stole from Khloe's baby." The siblings then decide to share the throne -- just before a shrouded mystery figure enters the Red Keep to slash them both with an axe. 

Spoiler alert: It's King Kylie, delivering the spoof's best lines. 

"There's only one King in this Kingdom and it's King Kylie, b**ches," Kylie Jenner deadpans, before bursting into song: "Rise and shine, the throne is mine!" 

Kim, Kris and Kylie have all appeared on Corden's show recently, with Kim sharing a story about the sentimental item her daughter North is receiving in Kris' will. Meanwhile, Kris infamously called Kylie her favorite daughter while taking a lie detector test

Kim also revealed her new plan for finding love after admitting that her previous strategies were "not working." Watch below.