Kim Kardashian Freaks Out as La La Anthony Pierces Her Ear in Hilarious New Post

'Oh my god, she just f**king repierced my ear!'

That's what friends are for! Kim Kardashian and La La Anthony proved just how close they really are in a new video on Tuesday, which shows Anthony bravely repiercing Kardashian's ear. 

The moment happened while the friends -- alongside other pals like Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Jen Atkin and Allison Statter -- were shooting the campaign for Kardashian's latest collection for SKIMS. 

"OK, I'm going to go in for the kill," Anthony says in the clip, before confirming Kardashian actually wants her to push her earring through. 

"Yeah," Kardashian replies, telling the camera, "La La's repiercing my ear. Ow!" 

Anthony hilariously shrieks with excitement that the earring went through, as Kardashian realizes it actually happened. 

"Oh my god, she just f**king repierced my ear!" Kardashian says. 

"If anyone needs their ears pierced...COME SEE ME 😂😂my work is nice...quick & to the point...just ask @kimkardashian 😂🤦🏽‍♀️😂," Anthony captioned the video on Instagram. 

Anthony's celeb friends couldn't help but marvel at her skills, while Khloe commented, "I’m next!!!!!" 

Anthony opened up to ET about her longtime friendship with Kardashian last year, gushing about her work ethic ahead of the "One Year Anniversary" campaign for SKIMS. 

"Well, you know, I'm just so proud of her," she shared. "Like, you know, she comes up with these concepts, she executes them so amazingly, and then you see it go from, like, an idea, to this huge, huge company and it's like, wow. I remember when we were just talking about this."

"To see her do so many amazing things is incredible," Anthony added. "I mean, I show up, you know, for my friends and people I love and care about."

See more in the video below.