Kim Kardashian Shares Video of Herself Without Foundation in Must-See Makeup Tutorial

Kim Kardashian
Getty Images

She was displaying the work of her new KKW Beauty palette.

Kim Kardashian loves makeup so much that she ditched her foundation to show the difference it makes!

"Ok, so I took all my foundation off and you can really see how dark my under eye circles are and how crazy they look,” the cosmetics guru said in one clip on Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Though she kept her eye makeup, the 37-year-old reality star was virtually fresh faced in the clip, showing off the must-see transformation to her millions of followers.

Kim recently opened up to ET’s Keltie Knight about how one of her favorite glam looks of all time only took 10 minutes to create. The look came from 2009 and featured flushed cheeks, nude lips, and some black eyeliner.


"It is one of my favorite glams from back in the day," Kim’s collaborator and pal Mario Dedivanovic told ET.

"You could never guess that it was done in 10 minutes," Kim noted, adding she now spends about two hours on hair and makeup every day. "I am like, what takes you so long now? Like, if you did that in 10 minutes, we have to be able to figure it out.”

For more from ET’s exclusive interview with Kim, watch the clip below!