Kim Kardashian's Will States That She Have Hair and Makeup Done Even if She Can't Communicate

"I want to look as good as possible."

Kim Kardashian is rewriting the headlines. 

The 37-year-old reality star debunked the craziest rumors about herself and her family in a video Elle posted on Thursday, shutting down misinformation about herself and husband Kanye West, as well as her mom, Kris Jenner, and sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. 

Kardashian first addressed Get Out memes comparing West to the film's star, Daniel Kaluuya. "People are so f**king dumb and stupid," she said, before admitting that her husband did actually tell her to stop wearing oversized sunglasses over email. "Absolutely he does," she said. "He sends me inspirational emails, whether it's home decor or vacation spots... Yes, he's really good at that." 

The mother of three also set the record straight about her social media pics, insisting that she will continue to post racy photos of herself no matter how many kids she has. She also commented on fans' speculation that Kylie was her surrogate, and shut down rumors that she, Kylie and Khloé have competing cosmetic lines.

As for the reports that she has a request in her will about how her hair and makeup should be done if she's too ill to communicate, she said they're "absolutely" true. 

"I made a section that if I am so out of it that I can’t even communicate and I’m, like, sh**ting on myself, I definitely need my hair, my nails and my makeup done," she confirmed. "I want to look as good as possible." 

Kardashian usually isn't shy about correcting rumors about herself, or speaking out on behalf of her family. Last week, she let loose on critics of West's Yeezy line over Twitter. 

"How can a verified account represent Yeezy with false information," she wrote. "You do NOT work for Yeezy and NOT affiliated. How are you gonna believe an account that posts fake color ways ???."

"Season 6 was genius," she tweeted. "All of my Japan looks are season 7 & will be online soon. Yeezy does not play by fashion rules. The show room was strictly shoes & always intended for that."

See more on Kardashian in the video below. 


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