Kim Zolciak Biermann Downsizes From Mega-Mansion to Tiny RV: See Inside Her Temporary Digs! (Exclusive)

Kim Zolciak is not impressed by her new living situation on season 8 of 'Don't Be Tardy.'

For five weeks, Kim, her husband Kroy and their six kids move into an RV to road trip across America on 'Don't Be Tardy.'

Kim Zolciak Biermann lives large. She's got a 17,000-square foot mansion outside of Atlanta, spends big bucks on high-end hair pieces, drinks $300 wine on the daily… and she's trading that all in to live in an RV. OK, not all of it. Really, just the house.

On the new season of Kim's hit reality show, Don’t Be Tardy, the full Biermann bunch -- Kim, her husband Kroy, their six kids and then some (hi, Chef Tracey Bloom!) -- are hitting the road, moving into a tour bus-style recreational vehicle for a five-week cross-country adventure. ET has your first look inside Kim and Co.'s new home on wheels, which doesn't exactly get rave reviews from the family.

"It's tiny on the inside and big on the outside," Kim’s 6-year-old son Kane says. His twin sister, Kaia, quickly follows that up with, "The RV's stinky."

"You can't help but have anxiety," Kim remarks as she looks around her family's new, too-close-for-comfort living quarters. "I'm extremely claustrophobic. Like, the thought of being in the RV and the door not opening stresses me out. What if we're, like, driving down the highway and the RV breaks down? Nightmare.”

Check out the full fam’s first impressions here:

ET video chatted with Kim and her eldest daughter, Brielle, ahead of Don't Be Tardy's season premiere, and both women admitted that life on the road wasn't for them, even though the idea was originally Kim's.

"Kroy and I talk about when all the kids are out, we're gonna get an RV and park it in their driveway," she admits. "Brielle's for two months, Ariana's … Every kid for two months, so that gives me 12 months for a full year, so that was kind of our dream -- or is our dream. But Kroy, definitely the RV-ing, camping, he loves that. I don't eat meat, hot dogs, hamburgers. I don't cook out, I'm not into that. So, it was rough. But Kroy? He loved every minute of this trip."

"This is some people's dream, to take a road trip across America on the wide open, go to these fly-over states and just see what’s going on in the world," Brielle notes. "Absolutely not. Sounds like hell. Never doing it again."

"I think [next time] we should do a yacht in the Mediterranean, Bravo," Kim says. "It was 118 degrees in Arizona, the RV inside was 104. The AC can only do so much. Me being hot, too, it’s not good. Kim hot? Uh uh."

You can experience Kim and Brielle’s (apparently nightmarish) road trip every week on Don't Be Tardy, which premieres Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m. ET/PT with back-to-back episodes on Bravo.