Kourtney Kardashian Shares How She Unwinds, While Sister Kim Gets Candid About Her Family Fitness Inspo!


The sisters are all about living in the moment.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are all about living in the moment. 

The sisters both recently shared the special ways they focus on family, though Kim's was admittedly more "twisted" than her sister's. 

Kourtney took to her app on Tuesday to reveal how she unplugs on vacation, confessing that she doesn't allow phones at breakfast, lunch or dinner while traveling -- and tries to take her camera places instead of her phone. 

"I think it's so important to have conversations and really listen to our kids and friends when they're speaking -- especially when we're having a meal," she wrote. "I love Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat, but when I'm on vacation, I try to unplug and not be online intermittently during the day. Instead, I'll pick a specific time and try to do all my emails and check social all at once." 

Kim, meanwhile, was all about Snapchat while working out on Monday, and even showed off her family fitness inspiration: sister Khloe's butt!

"Khloe, you have no idea how much you're motivating me today," she said while focusing the camera on Khloe's Complex cover. "You guys, this squat machine is no joke, and I like to focus on one thing, so I look into her eyes and think she's saying to me, 'Do it Kim, you f**king lazy f**k! Get up! You can do these squats!'"

"So I'm looking at your butt, thinking about my butt, wanting to look like your butt," Kim revealed. "It's so complicated and twisted in this family." 

See more on the famous family in the video below.