Kris Jenner Fools Kim Kardashian Into Thinking She's Going to Rehab With Help From Khloe

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Kris Jenner isn't done with her epic Keeping Up With the Kardashians pranks just yet!

In a sneak peek clip from an all-new episode, Kris -- with help from daughter Khloe Kardashian -- attempts to fool Kim Kardashian West into thinking she went to rehab.

"What we could do, if we really want to get her, is call her in Paris and say that I made a reservation at Palm Springs," Kris suggests, to which Khloe replies, "Stop it! OK, let's call Kim."

When Kim answers, Kris tells her, "Hi, so I just wanted to tell you I had Matthew call around to a couple different rehabs. I'm telling you that I'm going to rehab! OK? I have to go to rehab."

"I don't think you need rehab," Kim says.

"Kim, I blacked out and climbed into a trash bin," Kris replies. "Kim?"

Watch below to see what happens next:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians, currently in its 19th season, airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on E! ET reported earlier this month that the long-running reality series will end with its 20th season, set to air in early 2021.

Of why the family decided to end the show, Kris admitted during a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that "it was kind of sudden."

"I think we were talking about signing up for another couple of years with our network and suddenly just came to the decision as a group that the whole family felt it was time," she explained. "It just sort of came to us and we thought, 20 seasons, 14 years, hundreds of episodes and lots of spinoffs."

"It's so weird to think when we started the show, there was barely Twitter. There were no other social media platforms; there was no Instagram, there was no Snapchat. There were no grandchildren. People weren't married or divorced," she continued. "It's just so crazy that all of this has happened and to look back and think that I have the most amazing home movies in the world."

Hear more in the video below.


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