Kris Jenner Says Social Media Was a Factor in 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Ending

Kris Jenner
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The momager is always one step ahead when it comes to business.

Kris Jenner is always one step ahead of the times when it comes to business. In a new interview with Beauty Inc., she talks about the end of her E! reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and why it doesn't mean fans are no longer going to get access to the famous family's personal lives.

Jenner notes that social media has completely changed the game when it comes to entertainment, and the family no longer has to actually wait for the show to deliver information to their fans.

"When we first started, there was no Instagram or Snapchat or other social media platforms," Jenner says. "The world has changed. Now there are so many, the viewer doesn't have to wait three or four months to see an episode. We can give them all of the information anyone would ever want to know in real time."

"Social media is the fastest and most controlled way to get the message out," she continues. "The consumer gets to see the products the girls are working on in real time, and they know we're going to get it out the door pretty quickly. The girls want them to be part of the journey to keep them engaged."

Clearly, Jenner knows what she's doing. The family has a number of highly successful businesses, including Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics, Kim Kardashian West's KKW Beauty and SKIMS shapewear, Khloe Kardashian's denim brand Good American, and Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh, a wellness-oriented lifestyle website. Jenner says she and her daughters are "always listening" when it comes to their fans and consumers -- for example, when Kardashian West changed her shapewear line's name to SKIMS, after receiving backlash when she originally named it Kimono.

"People have been following our family for over a decade," Jenner points out. "They have watched the girls grow up. The girls have created a relationship. Kylie listens. Kim listens, and she is able to adjust and adapt accordingly. If something goes wrong, she is the first person to say, 'I hear you. Let me change that, because you are absolutely right.' The consumer loves that."

Kardashian West also praised her mom to the outlet, noting how she has definitely influenced her when it comes to making business decisions.

"She has really helped guide me and teach me, and helped shape my intuition on how I perceive different opportunities," Kardashian West says.

"Every summer when we were younger, she would wake us up at 7 a.m. on a weekend," she adds about Jenner also passing on her work ethic. "She never wanted us to be lazy. It's always seemed like there are more hours in the day for her than for anyone else."

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Last month, Jenner appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about the decision to stop filming KUWTK after 14 years.

"It was kind of sudden," she said. "I think we were talking about signing up for another couple of years with our network and suddenly just came to the decision as a group that the whole family felt it was time. It just sort of came to us and we thought, 20 seasons, 14 years, hundreds of episodes and lots of spinoffs."

Jenner again talked about there being no social media when the show premiered in 2007.

"It's so weird to think when we started the show, there was barely Twitter. There were no other social media platforms; there was no Instagram, there was no Snapchat. There were no grandchildren. People weren't married or divorced," she said. "It's just so crazy that all of this has happened and to look back and think that I have the most amazing home movies in the world."

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