Kristen Doute Reveals When Ariana Madix Discovered Tom Sandoval's Affair With Raquel Leviss

Kristen Doute is Tom Sandoval's ex and was there the night his affair with Raquel Leviss was revealed.

Kristen Doute isn't holding back. The former Vanderpump Rules star and ex of Tom Sandoval laid it all on the table in the newest episode of her Sex, Love, and What Else Matters podcast, sharing that she was with Ariana Madix the night she found out about Tom's seven-month-long affair with Raquel Leviss.

"I was actually with Ariana and Tom that night. We were watching the band play at TomTom," Kristen shared, launching into a firsthand account of what went down. "He's done playing and we'd all gotten up to just kind of chatter and grab a drink. All of the sudden I realize Ariana's gone for, it had to be like 20 minutes or something because she left her coat and her purse."

Kristen said she gave Ariana's belongings to a friend and left, only later learning what happened that caused Ariana to leave TomTom.

"So what had happened was during Tom's performance his phone fell out of his pocket and a mutual friend of theirs picks up the phone and hands it to Ariana," Kristen shared. "The real truth is that Ariana had his phone and she told me that she just had this gut intuition to look at it."

Kristen added that this decision was not like Ariana, saying that prior to this moment Ariana and Tom had been a "trusting couple."

"She just felt like she had to look. So she goes into his photos," Kristen shared. "He had screen recorded a FaceTime of he and Raquel masturbating. That's the truth."

She said that Tom and Ariana "left the show pretty quickly" after her discovery and that shortly after she made a phone call to Raquel.

"Raquel and Scheana [Shay] were together at some bar after Watch What Happens Live, a lot of this was on the internet, but the truth of what happened was Raquel was... I'm just gonna say, she's f**king dumb," Kristen said. "And she's walking around all Raquel-like and Scheana asks, 'Who are you on the phone with? What's going on?' And she too casually says, 'I'm talking to Ariana. Sandoval and I had a seven-month affair.' You're telling this to Ariana's best friend. Scheana snatched her phone. She threw it in the gutter. Raquel is saying they're in love and they're going to be together."

Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute - Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Kristen, who said she's been in close contact with Ariana, also commented on Tom, saying, "I don't know what he's thinking. I've barely talked to him. I don't know if he's actually saying those same things [as Raquel]. But I know that that's what she's saying, that they're in love and they have matching necklaces."

Kristen, who previously dated Tom prior to his relationship with Ariana, said that Ariana is "not doing well."

"She's numb and she's sad and she doesn't want to hear about anything anymore," Kristen said of her former co-star. "That's what she did tell us yesterday. She's like, 'What does it matter? I don't want to hear about any more rumors.' She's deleted some social media from her account. We were telling her some things that came up and she was like, 'What does it matter? I don't want to know anymore. It's just going to make me feel worse.'"

Kristen said that "one of the worst parts" of the whole ordeal is that Tom "wasn't even apologetic."

"That actually shocked me. He was blaming her and gaslighting her," Kristen claimed of Tom. "Like, 'You know we haven't been happy and you know, you weren't supportive of my endeavors.'"

Kristen insisted that wasn't true, saying Ariana was Tom's "only supporter" prior to the cheating scandal.

"We all laughed at you for many years. I love Tom. I care about him. I've always said, 'I worship the ground Ariana walks on for how she put up with that s**t.' I am just happy I don't have to. She did me a favor," Kristen said.

She added of Sandoval's longtime best friend and business partner, Tom Schwartz, "Schwartz isn't happy about this either... Schwartz only found out a month ago. Schwartz and I were texting yesterday and he said that he told him to tell Ariana before it blew up in his face and humiliated the hell out of her."

Kristen also shared that Ariana told her she was "so sorry," after everything went down.

"Are you out of your damn mind? This is not the same thing," Kristen said. "Tom and I, for the record everybody, we should have broken up after year two. We stayed together for three, almost four more years. We cheated on each other. We were a very toxic. We were broke. We were young. We were idiots. They have been in a decade-long partnership, essentially a marriage without a certificate. That's a commitment and for her to apologize to me, for what? Because she didn't listen to me or because of the way that their relationship started? No. And that's why I took to social media almost immediately when I heard about it because I was so tired of everyone saying, 'Oh my god, this is Ariana's karma.'"

Kristen added, "There's no karma about any of this except what's coming to Sandoval and Raquel at the end of it."

Kristen took to Instagram shortly after the scandal broke, proudly declaring herself to be #TeamAriana.