Kristin Cavallari Addresses Tyler Cameron Romance Rumors and Entering the Dating World Again (Exclusive)

The 35-year-old designer is addressing the rumors days after her steamy photo shoot with the 'Bachelorette' fan favorite.

The Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron dating rumors are exactly just that -- rumors. The 35-year-old set the record straight following her steamy photo shoot with the Bachelorette star, telling ET's Rachel Smith that they're not dating.

The Uncommon James jewelry line founder spoke with ET at her brand’s flagship brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Nashville and spilled the tea on what exactly happened between her and Cameron in the recent photo shoot for one of her jewelry line's upcoming campaigns.

In short, Cameron looked the part (tons of "sexiness," she noted) but ultimately he played the role of a hired actor.

"Tyler is the sweetest human being on the planet, such a great guy, I was so impressed with him," Cavallari said. "I hired him to play my love interest in our fall campaign video. There is nothing going on. Great guy, [but] we are not dating, I promise."

And, to further drive home the point, Cavallari added, "If I was, I would not answer the question, put it that way."

The rumors started spinning out of control after, for starters, Cavallari revealed she's finally ready to put herself back out there following her April 2020 split from ex Jay Cutler. Last weekend, Cavallari took to her Instagram Stories answering fan questions, many of which surrounded her dating life. The day after that Q&A, the steamy pictures with Cameron surfaced. The timing seemed too coincidental, but Cavallari assures fans it wasn't planned that way. 

"You know what's funny is everyone was like, 'She knew what she was doing,'" Cavallari told ET, "and I honestly did not think about it like that. Nothing is going on. He was a hired actor, OK?!"

That being said, Cavallari enjoyed her time working with Cameron.

Uncommon James

"It was so fun," she admitted. "Honestly, we had so much fun. I can't say enough good stuff about him. There is no ego whatsoever. He is just very chill, up for anything."

The mother of three also opened up about her comfort level when it comes to getting back out in the dating world.

"I am open to dating right now, yeah," she said. "This is the first time in a few years where I am in a good place to be dating."

But, would she ever consider walking down the aisle again? "Yes, I totally would," Cavallari shared. "I want to because I think this time around it would be very different, and that excites me."

Cavallari had previously told ET about the kind of men she'd like to date, which included someone who is stable and not a "crazy narcissist."

"I stand by everything I said," Cavallari insisted. "I want someone who is just really comfortable [in] their own skin who can be my rock. [Someone] who is also just really fun and doesn’t take life too seriously. Someone who is successful in their own right, but I think all of those things go hand in hand. Confidence. I have had a lot of guys who have been threatened by me and I need someone who can just, like, let me be."