Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Not Living Together, Despite Reports (Exclusive)

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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are keeping their interactions to a minimum. 

The former couple are not living together at their home in Tennessee, despite reports to the contrary, ET has exclusively learned. Cavallari and Cutler still share the home, but each lives there three days on and three days off. When not in the main house, Cutler stays at their second house, while Cavallari stays with a friend.

ET has also learned that following their dramatic split, the pair only discuss issues related to their children, Camden, 7, Jaxon, 5, and Saylor, 4. 

According to court documents obtained by ET on Wednesday, Cavallari and Cutler had reached an agreement to exercise their parenting time week on/week off, starting May 1. 

The documents also state that the pair were in the process of splitting when they went to the Bahamas with their kids on spring break. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cavallari and Cutler extended their trip to three weeks -- and officially split on April 7, upon their return to the United States. 

Cavallari and Cutler announced their decision to divorce on Sunday after 10 years together. A source recently told ET that they had "planned to keep everything amicable, but that's not the case anymore." 

"Kristin filing for primary physical custody upset Jay," the source said. "He loves his children more than anything and thinks the couple should be reasonable and split custody."

"Kristin has made comments about possibly moving back to L.A., which is also a concern of Jay's, as home for the family is currently Nashville," the source added. 

In court documents obtained by ET on Monday, Cavallari cited "marital misconduct" and "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for her and Cutler's split. She is asking for primary physical custody and seeking child support for her and Cutler's kids. She's requesting that Cutler be allowed visitation, and that the former NFL star pays for their children's health insurance and maintains a life insurance policy with her name listed as the sole beneficiary. 

Cutler, meanwhile, is requesting joint custody of their children and equitable distribution of the marital assets, stating that he has always been "the available at home parent and primary caretaker of the parties' minor children."

Cavallari denied Cutler's claim in her previous filing, alleging that she has been "the primary residential parent" and that she is "a fit and proper person to be named Primary Residential Parent."

The court docs also reveal that a temporary restraining order was filed, which is said to be a standard in divorces in the state of Tennessee. The restraining order prevents Cutler and Cavallari from disposing or concealing marital property, harassing each other and relocating the children. 

Cutler's court filing also notes, "Husband filed under seal, a copy of the parties balance sheet, which will corroborate wife’s position that the parties have the liquid assets she needs to buy a home without infringing on any portion of the estate to which husband may be entitled."

Reporting by Joe Siyam. 


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