Kristin Cavallari Clears Up 'Love Triangle' Dating Rumors

The former reality star says she's still single.

Kristin Cavallari is clearing up the drama, drama, drama! The 34-year-old mother of three took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to shut down some recent rumors surrounding her romantic life. 

"I do not feel like I owe anybody an explanation. Normally, I don't comment on this stuff. However, these rumors have been going on for about a year now," Cavallari shared. "Some Instagram gossip page is saying I'm involved in a love triangle, which is not true. I haven't been involved in a love triangle since I was in high school." 

Cavallari got her start on Laguna Beach where she and Lauren Conrad famously sought the attention of Cavallari's then-boyfriend, Stephen Colletti. But now, the former reality star insists she's completely single. 

"I'm not dating anybody. I haven't been dating anybody for months," Cavallari, who was linked to comedian Jeff Dye following her split from ex Jay Cutler, added. 

Cavallari then went on to seemingly reference the rumors surrounding the status of her relationship with Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Craig Conover. 

"These two guys that I've been linked to for the past year are my friends, that's it," she said without naming the men. "I've never dated either one of them. I can guarantee that I'm not going to date either one of them. It's possible for a grown woman to be friends with a grown man and for that to be it. So, I'm not dating anybody. I can assure you of that." 

Kristin Cavallari/ Instagram

Cavallari mirrored the sentiment during an appearance on Kroll and Conover's podcast, Pillows and Beer, back in February, saying, "It was never flirty. No one hooked up with anyone, nothing ever happened. We had a really good time, then it turned into a s**t storm! What happened?!""

In her Instagram message, Cavallari added that she's "really enjoyed being single," and warned her fans not to trust the stories that have been circulating about her. 

"If you love all of this gossip and this drama, that's fine, but look at it for what it is. It's entertainment, it's gossip," she said. "It's like a massive game of telephone. So just keep that in mind. The stuff you're reading is not always true or maybe there's a little seed of truth but all the details are messy. So just keep that in mind."

Cavallari and Cutler called it quits in April 2020 after 10 years together. Cavallari made a brief cameo on this season of The HIils: New Beginnings where her ex, Brody Jenner, admitted they still had some chemistry.

Watch ET's exclusive interview with Jenner below for more on their reunion.


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