Kristin Cavallari's Husband Jay Cutler Insists He Picks Out '98 Percent' of Her Outfits

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Aside from playing football, it turns out Kristin Cavallari's husband, Jay Cutler, is also a pretty good stylist.

In a clip from Cavallari's new reality show, Very Cavalarri, the former Laguna Beach star is getting ready for a photo shoot, and asks her husband which sweater she should wear. Cutler opts for a fuzzy cream one, and is impressively quick with the decision.

"You know what though, I think I pick out 98 percent of your clothes," Cutler says to his wife. "Do people know that I style you?"

"It's just easier if you're standing there," Cavallari, 31, replies with a laugh.

Later, 35-year-old Cutler helps his wife put on her sweater without messing up her hairdo.

"I have to pick out your clothes, I have to dress you," Cutler jokes as he helps pull her sweater over her head.

Very Cavallari definitely shows a more domestic side of Cutler. In another new clip, Cutler talks about picking up their two sons from school and being first in line ahead of the other moms. Meanwhile, Cavallari pointedly asks him about his activities now that he is no longer playing professional football.

"But, like, honestly, what do you do all day?" she asks. 

"I like to keep myself pretty free, in case something does pop up," he says. 

Cavalarri then pushes him for more of a definitive answer, and rolls her eyes at his noncommitment.

"You have to realize how many sacrifices I have had to make over the eight years of football seasons we've been together," she points out. "So now, you need to support what I've got going on. This is my football, this is my turn."

Very Cavallari -- which follows the mom of three launching the flagship store for her jewelry and home goods brand, Uncommon James, in Nashville, Tennessee -- premieres Sunday, July 8 at 10 p.m., on E!

While her relationship with Cutler will be shown, the couple's kids -- Camden, 5, Jaxon, 4, and Saylor, 2 -- will not be featured.  ET spoke to Cavallari last August about possibly returning to reality television, and how she's changed since starring in both Laguna Beach and The Hills.

"The Hills was a unique experience, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But to go back to that now as a mom and a wife, it would have to be different,” she shared. “I would have to be an executive producer. I’d have to have more control, and it would have to be more on my terms. I’d never put my kids on a reality show, but if it could involve my businesses and some fashion kind of stuff, then I’d totally be open to that.”

For more on Very Cavallari, watch the video below:


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