'Laguna Beach' Fans Can't Get Over Stephen Colletti's Cute Comment on Kristin Cavallari's Instagram

Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavallari
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The reality star is preparing for the premiere of her new series, ‘Very Cavallari.’


Kristin Cavallari is preparing for the premiere of her all-new reality series, Very Cavallari, and managed to pique the interest of old school Laguna Beach fans with a little trip down memory lane.

The 31-year-old mother of three shared with her Instagram followers some behind-the-scenes footage of herself filming Very Cavallari, talking into a walkie talkie.

“Hello, Stephen, this is Kristin. Stephen for Kristin,” she begins in the clip. “It’s the other way around, Kristin for Stephen,” her off-camera pal tells her.

Cavallari bursts out laughing and exclaims, “I’m literally going to pee my pants.”

The best part of the exchange came in the comments section, when Cavallari’s high school ex-boyfriend and Laguna Beach co-star, Stephen Colletti, remarked, “Go for Stephen.”

Fans of the hit MTV reality series immediately replied to Colletti’s comment, with one writing, “Lol!! Till this day I yell ‘steeeephen!!!!’”and another adding, “Omg ste-PHEN.”


Cavallari was known for her exclamations on Laguna, which included declaring her car “dunzo” and calling out to her then-boyfriend, “Ste-Phennn!”

In addition to her two seasons on Laguna Beach, she also took over for Lauren Conrad on The Hills starting in season 5 until the show ended in 2010.

For more from Very Cavallari, watch the clip below: