Kristin Davis Talks About Possibility of ‘Sex and the City 3’ Post-Feud: ‘I Always Have Hope!’ (Exclusive)

Davis’ comments come after co-star Kim Cattrall shut down any possibility of her being in another ‘SATC’ film.

Kristin Davis truly is Charlotte York! The 52-year-old actress attended the Stand Up For Pits Benefit in Hollywood Sunday where ET’s Deidre Behar couldn’t help but ask her about the future of Sex and the City 3.

Though Davis had previously said she wouldn’t be talking about the beloved franchise, she couldn’t help but encourage fans, saying, “I always have hope!”

She remained tight-lipped on all follow-up questions, but that “hope” is more than fans have had to look forward to recently.

Davis’ co-star Kim Cattrall shut down any possibility of a third film, at least with her involved in the project. The 61-year-old actress responded to reports that it was her diva demands that kept the third film from happening. 

“To get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘No,’ that I’m demanding or a diva,” she explained to Piers Morgan in a recent interview. “Specifically Sarah Jessica Parker is that I think she could have been nicer. I don’t know what her issue is.”

For more on the feud, watch the clip below.