'KUWTK': Kendall Jenner Admits the Kids 'Kept a Lot' of Caitlyn Jenner's Secrets From Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner
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In the season 14 mid-season finale, the Kardashian clan gets media training for the first time ever -- and it wasn't easy.

It's hard to believe the Kardashian family has never had formal media training, but apparently, it's true!

In Sunday night's season 14 mid-season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, five of the already media-savvy women -- Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner -- sat down with two trainers from Clarity Media Group at Kim's behest. (As has been common this season, Kylie Jenner did not join them, as the pregnant 20-year-old makeup mogul has essentially stayed away from cameras as of late.)

After discovering how much training had helped her, Kim convinced her family to sit down with pros so they could all be properly prepped for tough interviews in the future.

“I just think it’ll be a really good idea to get prepared and have everyone face our fears,” the 37-year-old mom of two explained. “I don’t think you could ever be too prepared. It was so helpful for me just to be aware of the things I’m saying. I don’t think the answer is to retreat. You have to be prepared that someday, you might be asked a question you don’t want to answer.”

The mock interview involved both group questions as well as individual ones, opening up with mention of Kim's sex tape -- which she laughed off at first and later told her mom, "Don't be ashamed!" -- before moving on to topics like Kendall's Pepsi commercial, Khloe's feelings towards reclusive brother Rob Kardashian -- who had a very tumultuous relationship with his ex, Blac Chyna -- and Kourtney's opinions on her ex, Scott Disick.

But the most revealing moment of all came when Kris was asked about her ex, Caitlyn Jenner.


Asked if she "turned a blind eye" to Caitlyn's gender identity struggles over the course of their 24-year marriage, Kris said "no." "I just think I didn’t have the whole truth of what was going on in his life,” the momager said of her former husband, who was then known as Bruce.

Kendall confirmed her mother's concerns, admitting, "We kept a lot of it from you."

“There were things that happened that they didn’t tell me, because they were told not to," Kris continued. "I’m not resentful about it. It just makes me really sad. Because I'm a protective mom. I would do anything for my kids. And had I known some of the things they were experiencing... it just broke my heart, hearing some of that stuff."

The 62-year-old mother of six also noted that while a majority of the couple's marriage was "perfect," she never expected for Caitlyn to come out as transgender. "I wouldn't have seen that truth in, like, a gazillion years," she said. 

The worst part of it all for Kris was what she claims are "a lot of inaccuracies" in Caitlyn's "very mean-spirited" memoir, The Secrets of My Life, which came out earlier this year.


Despite how difficult it was to answer the coaches' straight-forward, often difficult questions, in the end, the women found the experience to be beneficial.

"Well, that wasn’t fun. But I truly do see some value in this whole process," Kris said. "We live our entire lives in front of the whole world, and questions like this are going to keep coming for as long as I can foresee. So it really does help to have some skills under my belt to convey what I’m trying to say.”

The episode wasn't all about sitting around in a conference room. Kourtney and Khloe attempted to get an athleisurewear line off the ground, but the two didn't see eye to eye, leaving Khloe to feel her best course of action was to move forward with just her Good American line. Plus, Kendall got very angry at Kylie over a party they were trying to plan together, and Kris got to put that media training to work when she was interviewed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for The Hollywood Reporter.

When asked if she was comfortable with the sexual nature of her daughters' social media posts, Kris responded, "I think it just depends on what it is. I'm always proud of everything that they do."

KUWTK will return to E! on Jan. 7.