Kylie Jenner Breaks Down in Tears on 'Life of Kylie' as Friend Jordyn Woods Talks About Father's Death


Kylie Jenner is feeling her best friend's pain. 

The 20-year-old reality star breaks down in tears after hearing Jordyn Woods speak about her father's death in a new promo for Sunday's episode of Life of Kylie. 

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"With my dad, it's like every day it becomes more and more real," Jordyn says in the clip. "You realize how short life is and it's definitely changed my perspective on living and the time that we have and we can't take things for granted."

The friends share tears during an emotional car ride, which Jenner later reveals made her think about what it would be like to lose one of her own parents. 

"It was really hard to see Jordyn go through something like that because, one, I'm just genuinely so close to her, so when she cries, I cry," Jenner shares. "And it's crazy that it's going to happen to me one day."

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ET caught up with Woods earlier this month, where she opened up about staying true to herself on reality TV. Watch below.