Kylie Jenner Reveals Stormi's New Favorite Word and Toddler Parents Can Relate

She also showed off her home Christmas decorations.

Kylie Jenner is about to have a 2-year-old on her hands and it looks like little Stormi is already well on her way to being a full-fledged toddler. 

In a new VLOG post, Kylie and her little girl have some fun in the car before she heads out to do some charity work. 

"Can I have a kissy? A real kissy?" she asks Stormi. When her daughter doesn't turn to kiss her, she questions, "Later? OK, you wanna beep, beep?"

"No!" Stormi pouts in response. 

"Her new favorite word is, 'No,'" Kylie whispers to the camera. 

Stormi then finds joy in honking the horn of her mom's sports car, to which the cosmetics queen replies, "Thank god, no one lives on my street." 

Kylie then tells Stormi about how she's going to a rescue mission to give out food and toys to those less fortunate. 

"I just want you to know how blessed you are, baby," she explains to the little tot, who is ready to get out of the car. "She'll get it one day," she adds. 

Kylie then meets up with her own mom, Kris Jenner, to do some holiday charity work. When she spots one cute little boy, she squeals, "Oh my god, this is gonna give me baby fever!" 

After the heartwarming evening of giving out presents, Kylie goes home to share her immaculately decorated home. In the sweetest moment ever, a screaming Stormi runs to greet her mom at the door with a big hug. She then shows her impressive trolls drawings that she's done while her mom was away. 

Stormi later helps Kylie show off the decorations at the house. And though the decorations are stunning, Kylie admits that most of her swag comes from the same store as the rest of us -- Target! 

"I have a ceramic little town. I think it's really cute. I'm pretty sure I got this from Target," she dishes. "I got most of my stuff from Target."