Lady Gaga Continues to Share Distorted Images of Herself

Lady Gaga at 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Fans are speculating about what the images mean.

Lady Gaga's latest Instagram pics are anything but ordinary!

The 32-year-old pop star took to the social media platform on this week to share three distorted black-and-white images of herself taken by Eli Russell Linnetz.

In one pic, Gaga is bending over at the waist, which has been edited to be very small. Her breasts have been enlarged, her hair is flying wildly and her mouth is open very wide. Along with an eerie shadow and terrifying look on her face, the image is beyond haunting.

The next photo shows the "Born This Way" singer lying on her back, with only her shoulder and profile visible. Gaga appears to be laughing in the pic, where her nose has clearly been photoshopped to resemble that of Pinocchio. 

The final pic was taken from below Gaga, with her legs appearing extra long while she rocks a crop top, metallic gloves and underwear. A large cat-like accessory, which Gaga placed over her underwear, is also pictured. 

On Friday, she again took to Instagram to share additional images that she credited to Linnetz. 

Fans were quick to speculate about what the new pics could be promoting. While some thought new music was in the works, others posited that it could be a sign that Gaga will return to American Horror Story, something that has yet to be confirmed. Different users thought the bizarre snaps had to do with her upcoming Las Vegas residency, which she announced details for earlier this month.

Before Little Monsters flock to Vegas to see Gaga, she'll appear in A Star is Born alongside Bradley Cooper, making his feature film directorial debut. The film is set to hit theaters Oct. 5 after debuting at the Venice Film Festival later this month. Until then, here's more on the movie: