'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Releases Bizarre and Disturbing First Teaser -- Watch!

'AHS: Apocalypse'

The end is nigh.

On Monday, fans of American Horror Story were treated to the very first teaser for the upcoming eighth season, AHS: Apocalypse.

In the promo, a baby develops inside an hourglass. Its umbilical cord is attached to a black heart in the opposite bulb, which catches fire. Next, a nuclear bomb bursts, leaving only a man and a woman masked and lying in a crevice. The woman, wearing a lacy nightgown, seemingly liquefies, leaving only a skull, which is yanked down into a dark pool.

Then, a purple, pear-shaped fruit is cut open, causing a pair of scorpions, one white and one black, to topple out. They immediately begin attacking one another. The camera cranks skyward, showing an intricate round window, taking in sunlight. The window is suddenly bombarded with black birds, leaving only the shape of a burning pentagram, which then appears on a stone block that’s being dragged into a waiting fire.

That’s when the camera pulls out, once again revealing the hourglass is filled with thousands of tiny skulls. As the trailer draws to a close, a hand reaches out and flips the hourglass, sending the bones falling in the opposite direction.

Although precise details surrounding the upcoming season are scarce, the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, did reveal that fans will be treated to a crossover featuring characters from both the Murder House and Coven seasons.

Jessica Lange, one of the show’s most beloved stars, has officially signed on to appear in the upcoming season as Constance Langdon, the captivating neighbor from the show’s inaugural season.

On Tuesday, Murphy also revealed that a number of past AHS alums will be returning, presumably to reprise their characters from Coven. Or, in one special case, to once again appear as herself.

"Guess who's coming back for AHS APOCALYPSE?" he tweeted. "Taissa Farmiga, Gabourey Sidibe, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy and....Stevie Nicks. So thrilled the family is together again! #AHSApocalypse."

Additionally, Emma Roberts will be reprising her role as Madison Montgomery, while Leslie Grossman is playing Coco St. Clair Vanderbilt. Billie Lourd is taking on the role of Mallory and Adina Porter’s character is named Dinah Stevens. And Kathy Bates will be playing Miss Me.

The new season is set to premiere on Sept. 12.

Get more details on AHS: Apocalypse in the clip below.


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