Lady Gaga Gets Emotional While Opening Up About Her 'Chronic Pain': 'I Need to Take a Rest'

The 'Joanne' singer teared up while discussing her upcoming documentary, 'Gaga: Five Foot Two,' during a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival

Lady Gaga is focused on taking care of herself.

The Joanne singer shed a tear while candidly discussing the physical toll her work schedule has taken on her, revealing plans to slow down and heal, during a press conference for the premiere of her new documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday.

“I’m going to take a rest … Slow down a moment, for some healing,” the 31-year-old pop star explained, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Because that’s important.”

“I hope that people watching it that struggle with chronic pain know they are not alone,” she added (via Variety).

However, Gaga added that even if she’s slowing down, she’s by no means stopping all together.

"It doesn't mean I won't be creating. It doesn't mean I don't have some things up my sleeve," she shared. "This is my most important and favorite thing I do, is to entertain people and to make them happy.”

Gaga noted that in her pain she’s also been able to draw inspiration for her art.

“There is an element, and a very strong piece of me, that believes pain is a microphone,” she said. “My pain does me no good unless I transform it into something that is.”

Gaga: Five Foot Two premieres Friday, Sept. 22 on Netflix.

We hope Gaga does everything she needs to feel well. Earlier this week, Gaga apologized to fans after being forced to cancel a concert in Montreal due to illness.

"To my beautiful fans, I couldn't be more devastated that I am unable to perform tonight," she tweeted. "I sing this entire show live, and pride myself in giving it all, but when I sang in the rain at Citi Field, I got sick and have been pushing through."

Surely, in no time, the singer-songwriter will be back to slaying performances, much like she did at this year’s Coachella Music Festival.

Watch the video below to see.

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