Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Says His Lung Collapsed Several Times Following Shooting, Gives Health Update

Ryan Fischer offered an update on his condition after surviving a shooting last month while walking the singer's dogs.

Lady Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer, is slowly on the way to recovery. Fischer took to Instagram on Monday to share a video that provided an update on his fluctuating health condition. 

In the two-minute clip, Fischer shows the struggle of getting dressed while recovering from his injuries after a gunman shot him while walking the "Applause" singer's three dogs last month. 

In the lengthy caption, Fischer reveals that he originally thought he was recovering remarkably fast from the incident, and had even left the hospital. 

"I was prepared to quietly start a path to healing from the emotional trauma and continue on my way," he wrote. "Unfortunately, the strange hissing and glugging coming from my chest every time I took a breath begged to differ with that assessment." 

Fischer learned that his lung had collapsed and "air was filling up my chest cavity." 

"Along with accepting the news that I was about to be readmitted, several nurses and doctors told me how they had been in the room when I came in with my gunshot. How they didn’t think I was going to make it," Fischer recalled. "To hear them actually say it I had truly been confronted with my mortality."

Fischer shared that his lung collapsed multiple times after being readmitted to the hospital.

"It became quite clear that my lung was not healing, and the bullet wound had scarred my tissue like a burn," he wrote. "It could take months, if ever, for the hole to seal. Lunches of grilled cheese and tomato soup and art walks blurred into one until the day came to remove portions of my lung."

Fischer underwent surgery and is now "in the outside world," where he notes that "triggers are real" and "working through trauma is WAY more than dealing with one unfortunate moment in life." 

In late February, Fischer was shot while walking Gaga's three French bulldogs, Gustav, Koji and Asia. Gustav and Koji were kidnapped at the scene. 

The singer's rep later confirmed to ET that Gustav and Koji had been returned. It is unknown if the person inquired about the $500,000 reward money Gaga said she would give to the person who returned them.