Lake Bell Dreams 'Daily' About Leaving Hollywood Behind for Farm Life (Exclusive)

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As Lake Bell's ABC sitcom Bless This Mess kicks off its second season, the actress is opening up about how the show hits closer to home than people might realize.

Bell  -- who joined ET as a special guest co-host on Tuesday -- previously spoke with ET's Lauren Zima when she visited the Bless This Mess set, where the actress talked about the impetus for the comedy.

In Bless This Mess, Bell plays Rio, a woman who, with her husband, Mike (played by Dax Shepard), uproot their lives in New York and move to a sprawling farmhouse in Nebraska.

"The concept of the show is born from something that is very real," said Bell, who co-created the show with Elizabeth Meriwether. "My husband [Scott Campbell] and I do daily dream about sort of upping and, you know, buying a lot of dirt somewhere and calling it our own."

"In the city, we all live on top of each other a little bit," she added. "We have a lovely house, but I think the idea is that, you know, we all kinda fantasize [about getting away] a little bit, especially with technology, we're so embedded."

Bell explained that a big part of wanting to do this show was to touch on topics and locales that people don't often see in sitcoms.

"In making the show, Liz and I both were like, 'I wanna see something different,' and so we wanted to discuss marriage and talk about relationships and interpersonal rapports and dynamics," Bell shared. "To sort of mine for comedy within those spaces. But in an environment that is sort of new to our eyes as television watchers."

"I think it gave us a wealth of opportunities and paths to go down for comedy," she added.

Bless This Mess airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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