Dax Shepard and Lake Bell Reveal Things They Hid From Their Spouses Early On (Exclusive)

The actress once lied about where she lived!

Dax Shepard and Lake Bell have told some little white lies in their day.

The Bless This Mess co-stars spoke with ET’s Leanne Aguilera about their new comedy and their personal lives at ABC and Freeform's Television 2019 TCA Winter press tour in Pasadena, California, on Tuesday. 

Dax is, of course, married to actress Kristen Bell, and Lake is married to artist Scott Campbell. Both actors admitted to not being entirely honest with their partners early on in their relationships. 

"I under promise, over deliver. So I’m a pretty bad scumbag, recovering addict, nice to meet you,” Dax explained of how he presented himself to Kristen at first. "And it’s only gone up hill from there… She came to my house and she was like, ‘Oh, he has running water. I didn’t expect that. Oh, he cleans up his house, this is a nice surprise.’ Everything was a revelation." 

Lake went a step further, noting that she first lied to her future husband about where she lived. 

"I told him I lived in New York when I lived in L.A. That was a big, that was a whopper,” she noted. "I had to keep up that rouse. Boy, it was a lot of Jet Blue involved with that one. He was literally like, ‘Hey, do you wanna meet at the dog park in Brooklyn?' and it was like a Tuesday. And I was like, ‘You know, I can’t, what about Thursday?’ I just don’t know how it started because I wanted to start on such a good foot, but that was a big one.”

In their new show, Dax and Lake play a married couple from New York City who decide to give up their hectic lives to move to a farm in Nebraska. So would the celebrities ever be willing to do this in real life?

"I’d have a wife to convince, but yeah,” Dax said. "My wife loves to work, so we’d have to move somewhere that was rural where they still shot a lot of things. I always pitch Austin. You can kind of be in hill country and get it all and you can work in Austin. That’s kind of where I always lean towards."

As for Lake, she'll have no problem convincing her guy. "My husband is like, ‘Got the bags packed. We have to go back.’ He’s from the Louisiana bayou," she quipped. "He’s got like full prepper gear… He’s a survivalist, but he’s ready." 

Bless This Mess airs Tuesday, April 16 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.