Lala Kent Drags 'Disgusting' Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval Over Affair, Explains Why She 'Never' Liked Them

Kent didn't hold back during an 'Amazon Live' session on Tuesday.

Lala Kent continues to go scorched-earth on Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss after their cheating scandal was exposed, calling him "weak" and two individuals she "never liked."

During an Amazon Live appearance to hawk her merchandise, the 32-year-old Vanderpump Rules star chimed in on whether she saw Sandoval's scandal coming and how she thinks Ariana Madix is holding up in wake of the cheating scandal.

"You'll see, you'll see," said Kent when a fan asked if she saw this scandal coming before adding that Sandoval's "mask fell."

Kent also was asked if anyone's team Sandoval in the wake of the scandal.

"No," Kent answered. "Maybe [Sandoval's business partner and co-star Tom] Swartz. I tried to tell y’all. He’s weak. I said it first. Did I not? I said it first."

Someone wanted to know how Madix, who had been with Sandoval for nearly a decade before calling it quits last week, has been holding up.

"I check in with her. We’re friends but we haven’t been super close for a while," Kent said. "But I think I’m a little abrupt for her right now. I’m very intense and I don’t know that that's the headspace she’s in quite yet."

Kent added she feels for all involved, except for, well, you know who.

"I feel for everybody involved," she said. "Well, except for those two [Sandoval and Leviss]. I don’t feel for them at all. But I never have. This just was like, 'You're disgusting' but never liked either of you."

When she chimed in on Sandoval's apology (the apology was to his partners, not Madix) over the weekend, Kent used the opportunity to call Sandoval a narcissist.

"Tell us you're a narcissist without telling us you're a narcissist," she said. "It's just so textbook to me."

As for Lisa Vanderpump's thoughts about this entire ordeal, Kent says she's "very upset about all of this."

Following news of the breakup, Kent immediately reacted with a string of stinging jabs on her Instagram Story directed at Sandoval, who told Page Six last week (before the breakup news broke) he thinks she's "overly douchey" and not "real."

Kent fired back and posted a screenshot of the headline and indirectly referenced news of the breakup saying, "Oh Sandoval… Your problem with me is I’m a little too real for your comfort. I’ve seen you for who you [are] for a long time, and you don’t like that. But, I think now is the time for you to shut the f**k up. I’m eatin good the next time I see you.”

Kent also had a parting shot for Leviss, after reposting another headline in which Leviss said she didn't have "energy" for Kent amid their ongoing drama. Kent commented, "I suggest you get some energy for me. You're gonna need it."

One day after the breakup news broke, Sandoval and his band performed in Anaheim, California, where he was showered with a chorus of "cheater!" chants.

Leviss has since sent legal letters to Sandoval and some of the Vanderpump Rules cast in wake of a NSFW video of her on Sandoval's phone that triggered the breakup. A source told ET that a letter to Sandoval was to let "him know not to show the video or distribute it, as well as to delete it."

Sandoval has also threatened to stop filming scenes for the Bravo show.