Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari Reunite, Apologize to Each Other Over 'Laguna Beach' Comments

LC appeared on Cavallari and Stephen Colletti's 'Back to the Beach' podcast where they discussed their TV 'beef.'

Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari are all about "coming clean" in their brand new podcast reunion. The former Laguna Beach co-stars reunite alongside their mutual ex, Stephen Colletti, for Cavallari and Colletti's Back to the Beach podcast, which features the former couple rewatching the MTV series that made them famous. 

LC, 36, appeared on Tuesday's episode, which also marked the season 1 finale for the Dear Media podcast. Admitting to having a "hesitation" about coming on the show, the fashion designer noted that she happened to have COVID when the podcast first aired and caught up on both Back to the Beach and rewatching some full episodes of Laguna Beach for the first time. 

She decided after listening to Cavallari and Colletti's podcast that it would be a "safe space" to talk. 

"Watching it was so much worse than I imagined it would be," Conrad says of Laguna. "It was really cringey."

Cavallari, 35, then asks Conrad to weigh in on the drama that was portrayed between them on the series. 

"My take on it is, you and I never really had any beef," Cavallari says. "MTV coming keep it alive and made it way worse than it ever would have been."

"Yeah, I think it was done when they started filming," LC agrees. "It was like a week before they started filming. We got into it and then made up... And it was fine."

Conrad goes on to say, "I mean, I don't think we were, like, best friends. But we were like, 'It's fine.'"

"We never had an issue with each other," Cavallari says. 

"I mean, we had an issue with each other, but it had been squashed," Conrad clarifies. 

"We squashed it," Cavallari confirms. 

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Despite there not being any real drama between them while Laguna Beach was filming, Conrad admits that the love triangle portrayed on the series "made for an interesting show."

Season 1 of Laguna was narrated by Conrad, who often made shady comments about Cavallari in her narration. Cavallari asks if LC ever pushed back against producers asking her to make some of her comments. 

"I don't think I understood I was allowed to," Conrad admits. "I think there was probably a few things I would say, 'I don't think this is right,' or 'I feel uncomfortable.' But I think because you're so young and you were like, 'Well, this is what I signed up for. This is your job.' No. I mean, when I got into The Hills, I pushed back all the time."

Noting that the show gave her "so many opportunities" in her career, Conrad goes on to share her biggest regret from her time on Laguna

"My biggest regret was, watching it, I called you a slut. I'm so sorry," Conrad says to Cavallari, who thanks her for the apology. 

"Watching it, it was my, like, 'Oh, I couldn't believe I did that.' Because I think where I'm at now, I would never call another woman that, or girl," LC continues. "And it was, for me, like, the most embarrassing moment. I was like, 'Oh gross.'" 

"I know. I feel the same," Cavallari agrees. 

Cavallari notes that she too called Conrad a "slut" in another episode, saying, "I said some really dumb stuff and I look back and that's my biggest thing. When I watch it now, I'm like, 'I wasn't confident at all. I was actually so insecure." 

"Same," LC agrees. 

"And I took it out on you in a lot of ways. And I'm so sorry for that. Because I said some horrible things," Cavallari says. 

"We weren't great," LC admits. 

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The two reality stars note that they went on to hang out together several times in Los Angeles, including one memorable night at the home of Conrad's ex, Doug Reinhardt. 

"You were trying on his clothes and we were, like, crying laughing. And you were doing impressions of him in his closet," Conrad says of Cavallari. 

"We had so much fun together. I just want everyone to know, we've had a handful of really great times together," Cavallari adds, joking, "You were the problem, Stephen!"

In fact, while the show was filming during Conrad's senior year, she was in various other relationships. 

"I [had] several boyfriends during this time. Which I'm like, I feel so bad for them if they ever watch this. They were like, 'Oh man,'" LC says. "I'm often kind of off in a corner, just like, creepily watching you guys, which is kind of embarrassing."

LC also admits to "hooking up with Talan [Torriero]," and Cavallari adds, "We all were." 

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But one relationship Conrad has no memory of is the one between her and Colletti, which he says happened for two weeks in the seventh grade. 

"We did? No, we didn't," Conrad asks confused when her ex tries to jog her memory. 

"You broke up with me after two weeks," Colletti insists. "I still remember, because you were in your Halloween costume. I think it was Supergirl or something?"

"That's awful!" Conrad says. "No, I don't remember." 

Conrad has since gone on to marry William Tell. The couple shares two sons and currently reside in Laguna Beach, California, together. 

Colletti and Cavallari have previously noted that they are not dating, despite fan speculation. Colletti also confirmed his relationship with TV personality Alex Weaver. Cavallari split from her ex, Jay Cutler, in 2020. They share three kids.