Laverne Cox and Boyfriend Kyle Draper Break Up After 2 Years Together

Laverne Cox, Kyle Draper
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics

Laverne Cox and her boyfriend of two years, Kyle Draper, have parted ways.

The 47-year-old actress and LGBTQ advocate broke the news with a post on social media showcasing herself and her now-ex taking photos in a photo booth at a formal event. Draper writes on a clear pane before them “Fell in love,” as Cox stands nearby in an evening gown.

“@thekyledraper and I have broken up,” she captioned the post. “After much soul searching and tears from both of us, we have decided it's time for us to go our separate ways. We decided we should make a public statement since our relationship was public in ways neither of us anticipated. This is that public statement.”

“We know our relationship meant so much to so many people, especially trans folks, giving them hope that this kind of love is possible for them as well,” she continued. “That hope, the hope for love has not waned for me in the face of this breakup but rather is fortified. Knowing that we are both capable of giving and receiving love with this level of kindness, respect, trust, affection, depth, and intensity has been so healing and life affirming for us both.”

“I am so grateful we were open to love and for every moment we had together,” she concluded. “We have both grown in innumerable ways as a result. Now it’s just time to move on separately. We both want a breakup that honors and respects the quality of our relationship and the love we shared. It’s possible.”

Draper, the CEO for the record label Mateo Sound, also shared Cox’s post and caption, adding the simple note: “@lavernecox and I have broken up, and she wrote the most beautiful statement that sums up our feelings perfectly.”

The Orange Is the New Black star and Draper began dating in 2017 and, since, have readily shared photos of their outings, including date nights and special occasions.

"We met three months after I broke up with the ex and we just clicked," she told ET of Draper at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards in March of last year. "And I really didn't expect it but we just got along. And he's amazing, and sweet, and smart, and kind, and sexy. And it's different than anything I've experienced before."


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