Leave It to Kate Beckinsale's Friendship With a Wild Fox to Brighten Your Day!

kate beckinsale at farming nyc screening
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Sometimes, the world just brings you a best friend.

Foxy lady (literally)! Kate Beckinsale has befriended a wild fox, and their connection is almost aggressively delightful.

The Guilty Party actress first introduced her Instagram followers to the wild fox in June after it began appearing in her parents' garden at their home in the U.K., where record heat waves have forced some native animals to venture farther into unfamiliar areas.

She shared a slideshow of snapshots that included the cute Fox -- as well as some pics of her own cat, Clive, rocking some sweet kitty-overalls.

"My parents have a new friend - a foxy cub that wants to hang out . I’m so jealous I’ve had to break out Clive’s summer dungarees," she wrote in the post on June 21. The pics appear to have been snapped by her mom, Judy.

A week later she shared a heartwarming close-up photo of the fox cub, and revealed that her mother has been getting along with the adorable vulpine heartbreaker swimmingly.

On July 8, Beckinsale posted some videos of her own meeting with the adorable fox, and showed how she slowly had to get it used to her by holding out some bits of food for it to munch on.

"He's so gentle," Beckinsale marvels as the fox gently eat some food out of the palm of her hand. The actress captioned the clips, "Good things come to those who wait 🦊."

On July 10, Beckinsale's relationship with the fox had grown and she shared videos of it coming up to her, resting it's paws on her leg and she sat and eating food from her hand yet again -- but much more trusting.

Beckinsale also laid on the ground next to the fox for an epic photo of the pair, and said she was in "absolute fox heaven."

In the days after this, Beckinsale's Instagram has mostly just been more fox-related content -- including heartfelt videos of her sharing food with the animal, petting it, giving it ice water amid the heat wave and spending time in nature with her "orphan bestie.

On Tuesday, Beckinsale got particularly emotional and philosophical as she emphasized the importance of kindness and humanity in the world today.

"I’ve been so touched during a really hard week by the absolute force that is kindness and friendship," she wrote, alongside a video of herself sitting on a stone and sharing some nibbles with her fox pal. "Please, everyone, put kindness somewhere, anywhere . It’s life-altering. Thank you so much to all my special people. And my little orphan bestie."