'Lenox Hill' Trailer: Netflix Docuseries Captures Life Inside a NYC Hospital Before Coronavirus

Lenox Hill docuseries on Netflix

The real-life 'Grey's Anatomy' follows several doctors as they navigate their personal and professional lives in a Manhattan hospital.

Lenox Hill, a new docuseries from Netflix, is offering viewers an intimate look at the lives of four doctors working at a New York City area hospital. The streaming platform shared the first look at this real life version of Grey’s Anatomy or E.R., which follows brain surgeons David Langer and John Boockvar, emergency room physician Mirtha Macri and Chief Resident OB/GYN Amanda Little-Richardson as they navigate the ups and downs of patient care and try to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. 

“There’s so much emotional energy that goes into doing this,” Langer, chair of the neurosurgery department, says in the powerful first trailer. 

Filmed from April 2018 to November 2019, just before the outbreak of the coronavirus changed lives in New York City for the foreseeable future, the series goes inside the complex and fascinating world of medicine as it shows the hospital deals with complicated births, successful brain surgeries and everything else in between.  

“With Lenox Hill, we wanted to give people around the world an intimate look at daily hospital life from the vantage point of four doctors who have dedicated their lives to saving the lives of others. We crafted this series with the utmost respect and admiration, for our doctors and their patients and are proud to share their stories,” directors Adi Barash and Ruthie Shatz said in a statement to the press about the goal of their series. 

What the pandemic “hasn’t changed is the unflinching perseverance and thoughtful care that our physicians and their staff provide, day in and day out, to their patients -- and that compassion and heart is the core of our series,” they added. Instead, the docuseries feels that much more urgent and deeply personal as viewers get to peek inside the lives of these healthcare professionals.

Lenox Hill premieres June 10 on Netflix.