Leslie Grace’s ‘Bachatica’: Go Behind the Scenes of the 1920s-Inspired Music Video (Exclusive)

The singer and actress takes ET back in time for her latest music video.

Leslie Grace is taking fans back in time with her "Bachatica" music video.

Only ET was on set to take fans behind the scenes as the 26-year-old singer gets glam, rehearses choreography and films the video, inspired by the roaring twenties.

"'Bachatica' is a very romantic and sultry song," Grace tells ET's Deidre Behar. "I knew that the song made me feel like I was in another time, it felt really classic. I've already done the '60s in the past. So I was like, 'Twenties! We are in the roaring twenties, why not?'"

Directed by Jorge Camarena, the music video also features the In the Heights star's real-life boyfriend, Ian Eastwood. This marks the first time the couple has collaborated together on-screen.

"We kind of go into this dance face off, I challenge him to show me what he's got in the middle of the dance floor," Grace shares. "And then we begin to dance, and through that dance we start to have what we're calling for simplicity sake 'flashbacks' and we go into these different stages of these two people's relationship."

Eastwood shares that for his role he was inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby.

"Off the top of my head I thought about this scene from Gatsby where Leo walks in. He's like waiting in the rain for the love interest," he recalls. "I remember looking at this and being like, 'Oh, Leo's so awesome man.' I'm giving a little Leo vibes, yeah. Leslie's always talking about [how] I'm her Leo. So I'll try to tap into my guy today."

The song, written by Grace and her all-female co-writers, features personal tidbits in the lyrics. It includes a nod to Grace's Dominican roots and Eastwood's hometown of Chicago.

"My co-writers who are all female, Maya and Luciana, wanted to include some things that were very personal and they came up with that line, 'Santo Domingo' and the little shout out to Chicago and knew that I would fall in love with it," she shares. "That's why I also am so excited that I get to share it with the person that is a part of the inspiration of it all."

Eastwood, on his end, was "honored" to be the source of inspiration and share this moment with his lady.

Meanwhile, "Bachatica" is a return to Grace's bachata beginnings and is quite a sexy song.

"It's smoky, right?" Grace teases. "I would say it's sultry and it's definitely saying it’s provocative -- but in the smooth, sexy, smoky, sonically, in that world as opposed to party vibe. So it's a different angle of that."

The singer also incorporates the sensual bachata moves to her visual, sharing how "intense" the one week dance rehearsals were for the two of them.

"Ian's never danced bachata before! Like all of his dancing that he's known for -- and he's so incredible at -- is usually as a soloist," she explains. "So for us to come together under very high stakes in a week was... It was a little bit of pressure!"

Eastwood adds, "It was a big learning curve for me to even just dance with a partner because I'm so used to just creating my full presence by myself. It was cool because it gave us almost another new layer to our whole relationship."

Grace couldn't have asked for a better on-screen partner, calling it "so beautiful." "It's such a blessing," she relays. "I think the most beautiful part of our connection is that we both have incredible mutual respect for what each of us does. And when we get to do it together, it's just such a joy."

"To be able to work with someone that you love, that is equally as great at what they do, and then being able to join forces in that, I can't wait for everybody to see it. It's really special."

For more on Grace, including the singer talking about her upcoming role as Batgirl, watch the video below. "Bachatica" is now streaming on all platforms.