Lil Nas X Hilariously Trolls Drake and Unveils 'Montero' Album Cover Art

The 'Industry Baby' rapper trolled Drake fans with fake cover art before revealing the real look for his upcoming debut album.

If anyone knows how to nail the marketing game, it's Lil Nas X. The "Industry Baby" rapper is gearing up for the upcoming release of his debut album, and in the meantime, he's having a lot of fun with the promotion -- just ask Drake.

On Monday, Drake announced that his next album, Certified Lover Boy, will be dropping on Friday, Sept. 3. He confirmed the news with a reveal of the album's cover art, a series of emojis depicting pregnant women of all different races. If we had to guess, we'd say that the implication is that the album is so good, they'll get some listeners pregnant. 

Although fans initially thought the Canadian rapper was joking, TIDAL's Chief Content Officer, Elliott Wilson, confirmed on Twitter that the photo was the official album art.

Proving that the internet is still and will probably forever be his domain, Lil Nas X took Drake's cover and made it his own. 

Later that same day, the "Call Me By Your Name" artist posted his replicated art featuring emojis of pregnant men and reminded fans that his album, Montero, will be released on Sept. 17. Considering the implication of Drake's cover art, we'd have to assume that Lil Nas X is saying that his music is so hot, it'll impregnate men. 

What a wild ride September is shaping up to be.

This isn't the first time Lil Nas X has trolled a Drake album cover. The 22-year-old musician pulled the same trick in 2019 with Drake's Nothing Was the Same album art from 2013. "I've decide to title the album "nothing was the same" here's the artwork my team and i worked very hard on," he tweeted.

On Tuesday, Lil Nas X unveiled the official cover art for Montero, which features the rapper floating nude in the ethereal Garden of Eden from the "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" music video. He's surrounded by glittering columns over a placid stream, as his body is backdropped by a lens flare rainbow. 

Lil Nas X recently set off a viral super-meme after starting a quasi-beef with skateboard legend Tony Hawk. On Wednesday, the artist took to Twitter to compare the response Hawk received to the backlash he received after selling his line of custom sneakers with the company MSCH, which contained a small amount of blood in the soles.

Later, in an Instagram post by Rap TV, the page mentioned how Hawk is hocking the custom blood boards for $500, and asked followers, "Y’all rockin with it?"

Lil Nas X commented, "Nah he tweakin." 

The comment took off like wildfire and spread across the internet in a matter of hours, with tens of thousands of people posting these three words on countless, totally unrelated posts.

On Monday, the two teamed up for a hilarious tutorial video on TikTok with one of Hawk's new blood-infused skateboards. Lil Nas X, clad in skater gear paired with his "Satan Nikes," tells the camera that he's going to show off his skating skills. As the singer heads to the edge of the bowl to kick off, the video cuts to Hawk, 53, standing in the same place, and going on to show off several impressive stunts.

When Hawk pops back up, the video cuts back to Lil Nas X standing in the same spot, as if it was the rapper skating all along.

"And that's how you skateboard. Thank you!" the singer says, walking off camera. "You're tweakin'!" Hawk shouts in the background.

We love to see legends working together.


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