Lil Nas X Wants to Headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show: 'Maybe Next Year' (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the rapper in Miami, ahead of Super Bowl LIV.

Lil Nas X is feeling beyond blessed and can’t wait for what his future holds.

ET's Kevin Frazier was with the "Old Town Road" singer at Sirius XM Radio Row in Miami on Friday, where he shared that he could easily see himself performing at a Super Bowl halftime show one day. 

"I think that would be incredible. I hope so. I will, I will!" he confidently said. "Maybe next year if I'm not doing something else that is extremely important."

When asked what could be bigger than the Super Bowl halftime show, he quipped: "I don't know -- I could be at Beyoncé's brunch or something."

Lil Nas X, meanwhile is still reveling in his GRAMMY Awards big night. The 20-year-old singer became a two-time GRAMMY winner last Sunday, when he also delivered an amazing performance featuring BTS, Nas, Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo and Mason Ramsey.

"The blessings are literally knocking me out," Lil Nas X said of his major year and accomplishments. As for how he got hip-hop icon Nas to come out on stage?

"I just felt like that was a thing that we eventually had to do and, especially, I'm thankful that he even considered doing it because I know how that could feel," he explained. "But he took it as respect and I have a lot of respect for Nas. I'm glad we have this new song out. The video is about to come out soon. It's dope."

On top of all of that, Super Bowl audiences will next get a chance to see Lil Nas X in a Doritos commercial during the telecast.

"We had so much fun on set -- me, Sam Elliott, Billy Ray Cyrus. It was like going back to the 'Old Town Road' video, making, like, a prequel," he shared.

As for how his ad ranks among the previous Doritos commercials, he said, "I think No. 1 spot... I'm beating the baby flying across the yard."

For more on the Super Bowl, including Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's halftime show, watch the video below.