Lily Tomlin Recalls First Meeting BFF and Co-Star Jane Fonda (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Tomlin at the premiere of her and Fonda's new film, 'Moving On.'

Lily Tomlin is looking back at her first encounter with BFF Jane Fonda. ET's Denny Directo spoke to Tomlin at the premiere of the pair's new film, Moving On, where Tomlin shared how she met her longtime pal.

"It was absolutely like a glamor trip. She was very glamorous. She had a black cape on and boots, big high boots and a lot of hair going like that. And we were all very excited backstage at the Ahmanson," Tomlin recalled of meeting Fonda at the famous L.A. theater. "I was doing my show there, in like, 73 or something. I don't remember the year."

In Moving On, Fonda and Tomlin play Claire and Evelyn, a pair of friends mourning the loss of the third member of their trio, Joyce, who they believe died at the hands of her husband. After pressing Joyce's widower, Howard (Malcolm McDowell), for answers -- to no avail -- Claire and Evelyn are left with no choice but to get rid of the man who not only caused problems for their friend but for them, too.

This film makes three for the friends and longtime collaborators -- thanks to Tomlin, who asked screenwriter, Paul Weitz, to write something just for her and her 80 for Brady co-star.

"I'd done a couple of movies with Paul Weitz, and I just loved him and so, we were sitting on the set of Grace and Frankie and I said, 'You know, I'm gonna call Paul and tell him to write a movie for us,'" Tomlin said while at the 80 for Brady premiere earlier this year. "I mean 80 for Brady was a thing of the future and, 'cause we thought we were gonna have to wrap up Grace and Frankie soon, and I [thought] 'I don't want to have to leave you just abruptly,' so it just turned out that way."

And she's not done yet, telling ET she's more than ready to do another project with Fonda in the future.

See the dynamic duo reunite once more when Moving On hits theaters March 17.