'Limetown' Sneak Peek: Marlee Matlin Joins the Jessica Biel Series as a Key Survivor (Exclusive)

Marlee Matlin in Limetown
Facebook Watch

The Oscar-winning actress has answers to the Facebook Watch series' central mystery.

As Facebook Watch’s adaptation of Limetown nears the end of season one, viewers are starting to get answers to the series’ central mystery: what happened to the 300 residents of a Tennessee neuroscience research community to cause them to seemingly disappear overnight. But as reporter Lia Haddock (Jessica Biel) slowly discovers, not every revelation is worth knowing. 

On episodes seven and eight, which start streaming on Wednesday, Lia finds herself questioning whether to continue with her investigation before she finally meets Deirdre Wells (Marlee Matlin). The Limetown survivor and neuroscientist may finally have some answers for Lia, revealing what incited The Panic.

“She’s cautious yet available to answer questions which have stymied those wanting to know what happened in Limetown,” Matlin reveals to ET, along with an exclusive sneak peek of her character’s initial meeting with Lia.  

“It was fascinating to play a character who essentially was a storyteller in helping to solve the mystery of Limetown,” she continues. 

While the sci-fi/mystery genre is new for the Oscar-winning actress who has notably appeared on The L Word, The West Wing and Switched at Birth, it’s something she’s been exploring more thanks to the Syfy series The Magicians. “Limetown delved even deeper,” Matlin explains, adding: “I loved how the script read like a feature film with multiple layers, which unfolded slowly.”  

Appearing on Limetown also marked Matlin’s first time working with Biel, who serves as executive producer in addition to starring on the series. “Jessica’s ability to wear multiple hats was amazing,” Matlin praises. “Here she is, actress, producer and wife and mom and she does it with hard work and attention to detail but makes it look so easy. She really came prepared each day and knew her stuff. She was a total pro to work with.”  

Of course, praise for Biel wasn’t limited to Matlin. “It was the most wonderful set to be on,” adds Janet Kidder, who plays Lenore Dougal, a member of Limetown’s upper echelon of management. She says Biel “was nothing but positive and supportive and excited about every day.”

Meanwhile, fans of Matlin can also check her out on season two of the groundbreaking dramedy, This Close, which returned to Sundance Now in September. Though, that series is far from the mysterious world of Limetown

Episodes seven and eight of Limetown start streaming at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch.