Lindsay Lohan Pays Tribute to 'Mean Girls' Day


It's October 3!

The day Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) asked Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) what day it was in the popular 2004 flick, Mean Girls.

It's become a national holiday for fans of the film, with many paying tribute to the iconic line via social media on Wednesday. Even the cast got in on the fun, including Lindsay, who posted a video of herself recreating the dialogue with her brother, Dakota Lohan.

"#OnWednesdaysWeWearPink?," she captioned it.

As Jonathan pointed out in his post, it's been 14 years since we first heard that line... but it will never get old!

The actor recently stopped by ET for an exclusive sit-down chat, where he revealed he actually had no idea who Lindsay was before the two started working together on the film.

"I went and had to go watch Freaky Friday to figure out who Lindsay Lohan was because it was right after Freaky Friday came out," shared Jonathan, who was promoting his new Mean Girls-inspired book, The Burn Cookbook: A Parody. "So, I went to check her out. Then we went to Toronto and shot this movie and all became the best of friends."

"We were just a bunch of kids in Toronto shooting this movie and we just had fun," he continued. "It was like summer camp. We were there having a good time. We'd get done with set and do some iconic scene that we didn't know was going to be iconic."

Hear more in the video below!


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